Free 7k Position 1 or 4 Coaching

by Bjballer. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    4    9

Yo I’m bored with servers down, msg me if you want to review a replay or ask questions. Really any positions are fine but I mainly play 1 and 4 (7300 mmr)


whynomomo 1

Im also interested. Would you have time for 5.2k mid player?

  Bjballer 1

Sure, send me a message on discord

Jedi_Judas 1

im 5.7k pos 1 player would definitely be interested in coaching if you're still offering

  Bjballer 1

Sure man send me a message on discord and we can connect

Spodirmam 1

I'm crusader, I'd like to get better at mid, and in general, throw less, I play 1,2,5 and I'm not good but not completely shit

  Bjballer 1

I'm off for a bit for now, but I will get back to you. Add me on discord and we can review some mid principles / replays. Notorious#3562

brockwillis100 2

you don’t need to qualify skill beyond your medal

kiritoya 1

I shared you post on a french discord if you have any objection.

  Bjballer 2

All good brother