Fun fact of the day: Pressing Ctrl + F in the new Steam Library lets you search your games!

by SaxOps1. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    57    13

Discovered this by accident while thinking I'd clicked into another window!



Let me guess, you never used F+Ctrl in your life

  SaxOps1 6

I use it daily lmao - I was just surprised that the new library had it as a feature, and just wanted to share :)

Jondycz 4

Isn't there like... A search box already on the left hand side?

  SaxOps1 1

Yep! This uses that. I'm just pointing out that using this shortcut focuses on it, so you don't have to click in it.

Jondycz 3

Cool! I only knew I can use CTRL+F in the store browser, not in the library.

I wish that when I search, it also removes items from the right grid view.

WhiteMedi 1

I believe the new library is using chromium so it's like a built-in feature, might be wrong tho

bblack27 2

Yesss thank you

callofdutyvsbf 4

Very cool steam very cool

Drend_x 4

You can also click on any game in the library so it’s focused on the list and type the name of a game you want, it’ll jump straight to that. Pretty useful for my 500 icons lmao.

KurosawaKakeru 4


salad_tongs_1 39

But if I press regular F will it pay respect to my backlog?

timmyboyoyo 8

F 🥇

Fenroo 9