Game crash at picking screen after 7.27 update?

by TheButterbrotMan. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    92    14

Do this happen to you guys too?



Gaben should give us 50 Levels. NOW. This is like the 50th time.

mczonarz 1


ConfirmPassword 1

I guess that's why they rolled it back.

wesoly101 1

now i have 7.26 not 7.27 XD

Zane-610 2

yes. i thought i am only one who experience this bug.

xpoizone 2

Happened to me twice in a row, thought it was AMDrivers kek

iViscosity 2

Yep, right after this update.

4riel 2

Yup, every single time the game should load after everyone accepts

blits202 2

It asked me to swap to something for better fps when loading and ever since my game has been crashing

bijeshrestha95 2

Yes I was just bout to say the same. The game crashes as sooon as I find a match!

chi_ku 7

Game has been crashing for me at pick screen ever since BP was released. LOL nothing new

naunji 11

Game crashes after 10/10. Valve, pls fix.

javelinRL 3

You'd think a minor problem such as being able to play the game would be something Valve would like to spend a minute testing before pushing an update.