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by Willurmum. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    15

Does anyone know why they don’t sell any pc games in the discs like with xbox or ps? If they still do them, where could I get some?



Rampant piracy quickly made the industry realise digital and always online is the way to go.


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Because game sizes have inflated so much that publishers can't be asked. GTA 5 came on 7 DVD's for example, which costs a fair bit to manufacture in a box that is an appropriate size on a large scale. Blu-ray is on a few computers, but for every Blu-ray sale, the publisher pays Sony/the blu-ray consortium a small fee. Along with that, DVD and Blu-Ray users are the minority of PC users. The publisher that best supports physical owners from my own personal experience (I still buy physical whenever possible), is THQ Nordic. If you want to have a shelf of game boxes, you should buy on console more unfortuantely.

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Makes sense

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Steam in particular I think, made a safe and easy way to buy digital games, which quickly became popularised. Add this to PC case design changing to remove optical drive bays, and you get where we are today. I think also, (particularly with the steam sale at the moment), the cheapness of a lot of PC games means that financially it makes less sense to make physical copies. As someone who loves physical media still, if I buy a PC game for £5, i'm not too bothered that it's not physical, but if I buy a console game for £50, I feel like I deserve to get something real in my hands. (That being said, I love old PC games and big box games, so if you are into some nostalgia and more retro gaming, there are plenty of ways to collect physical media for PCs.)


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Digital sales on the PC are like over 90% of the market share now, it isn't worth it to make a physical disc anymore. Even for the low amount of games that do get a physical release, they don't even contain the whole game in the box, but rather just a code to enter into Steam, or 1 disc with Steam setup files on it, perhaps some localization files, and then a code to enter on Steam to download the game.

and consoles are going that way as well, the the next gen are going to have non disc versions of the consoles in addition to the disc ones. I do not doubt that when the PS6 and the Xbox Series 360 One X comes out in 7-8 years they won't even have a disc version either. Even on consoles, more and more people are moving to the digital sales, last year this time 53% of sales for the PS4 were digital

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Ok thanks

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>Xbox Series 360 One X


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What's the point of installing a game with discs if you'll still download a day one patch with size of the entire game.

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I know right? GTAV did this and it pissed me off. I installed from the 5 or so discs and the. Started it up and already a 60gb patch.

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Wait since when did GTAV have 5 discs?

Edit: just read up on the PC version’s physical launch, wow.

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My bad had to break out box. It’s 7 dvds

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Because majority of gaming pcs don’t even have optical drives anymore

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And those that do, most of them are DVD drives as blu-ray never caught on, so you're probably looking at shipping a thick puck of DVDs for a lot of modern games