Game is always a steamroll or a stomp - I win either way too easily or can't win at all. Dota 2 can't excite me anymore.

by ObamaIsPutin. Posted on Oct 17, 2020    2    12

My winrate is a little bit above 55% - it cannot get lower or higher no matter if I throw my games or dedicate everything I've got to the play. Almost every single game I am in a situation when my teammates SIGNIFICANTLY outclass me and my enemies, thus carrying the game for me, or I play with guys who have about 30 games against people who have +3000 games. Serious.

I've tried both unranked and ranked, and it does not matter if I win my lane or lose it, if I gank or I am being constantly ganked, if I have 70/30 cs/denies by 10 minutes or if I was bullied to stay under tower. It just does not matter. I feel like a prop in all of my games. Today enemies' Sven left the game just because I was hitting him with Jihanda too frequently and yesterday I lost the game despite being a well-farmed Weaver because Tinker did not buy any items and Tidehunter did not understand how his ult works.


I simply do not understand this matchmaking. I do not think that there are THIS little players in the US north for things to be this bad. Am I the only person with this problem? Should I try other servers and play with Slavs and SEA players?



Your win rate is 55%, but in which bracket 1k? so shut the fuck up and keep winning till you actually reach a bracket where you will lose every single game whatever role and hero you pick, cause if you have 55% you deserve it. No need to theory craft on this so hard, you have 55% win rate, now win mmr till you reach 50-51% wr. You will not keep 55% from 1k to immortal. I guess you will start losing enough to tank this win rate around 2k mmr. Edit: didn’t wanna sound harsh cause 55% is really good, just focus on yourself cause you are doing great, I was a bit heated cause 55% for a newcomer considering you played at least 100 ranked games is pt good and you should just focus on you and not stats team mates carrying or being shit etc. for example LOSING LANE is part of the game, it shows skill if you can do stuffs from behind, cause when I support my 2k friends and they have free lane they are Dota Gods, they play Well. They go in solo rank their support doesn’t win the lane for them and suddenly they are behind and they have 0 clue how to recover/impact the game from a bad position, which is part of the game and a skill you can refine

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Would you shut the fuck up? His rank isn’t what he’s mad about but you sure seem all worked up about it. Rank doesn’t mean a goddamn thing in this game. He’s just saying the matches are so lopsided it’s boring. And he’s right.

The matchmaker is garbage. There are too many factors and smurfs. Half the players don’t queue up in their home countries servers and come to the American ones just to fuck them up even more.

My advice to the original poster if you are feeling like a prop is either do dumb shit that snowballs like crazy for fun or play heroes that roam more, not sit in a lane and farm.

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Smurfs in 1k mmr are rare.. he has good win rate he should soon arrive at a point where he does not feel useless


mad because bad?

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Which region and what rank?

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Everyone seems to be missing the point? OP is saying their games are either too easy or too hard. If matchmaking is doing its job well -- matching players of equivalent skill level, then there should be more closer games, as you do find in other games, as opposed to either being the steamroller or being steamrolled.

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55% account on a bracket where tide hunter does not “understand his ult” it’s 1k bracket, maybe they should just learn the game instead of posting this shit on reddit blaming imbalanced games?!

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Unless the point here is that it's normal for lower skilled matches to be unbalanced?

I suppose it is harder for a matchmaking system to balance both sides of the team given DotA's myriad complexity (in terms of team balancing), especially in lower brackets where someone could be totally trying out a new hero, or not play as serious, compared to a higher skill bracket.

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Exactly, it takes 1000 games for any matchmaker to give you a fair and accurate representation.. it’s just so premature to look at stats etc in 1k bracket.. especially with a 55% wr which means the 1k bracket will end sooner or later

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Maybe u should take a break bud u seem stressed


take a foreverbreak and contribute to the decline of this shit game while you have a chance

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I thought this way too until I realized that I was missing plays and items in my games. I played bad, so I lost. Can’t rely on others to carry you, YOU have to play the game correctly and make your best effort. Some games are unwinnable, of course, but it’s not 50/50 if you’re actively improving. Take a break and reevaluate. If that doesn’t work, then you are at the correct mmr and it is what it is!