Game is currently unplayable for low end pcs

by CaliforniaBG. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    18    6

My game just froze in the picking screen.Dota crashed and then i had an update.What the fuck Valve.Also having 1h ban just because i couldnt rec on time because of this update.



Everything moves on dude not everything can stay potato and run on potato pcs


na dude dota is just shit i also have decent system like op on the top . it was just shit :D

  CaliforniaBG 1

I never said it should stay potato but why does 2 animations cause such a massive fps decrease?Im talking about the ti10 screen animations.


git gud pc LUL

HolySinner17 2

Same thing brother I play on i3 laptop and the game was running smooth before the battlepass shit. But since then the menu started lagging but when in a match it was smooth. But now I can't. Even fuckin connect to the game after the immortal treasure update.

zootbot 2

Something is up with my game too. I’ve got a massive computer i9 /2080 super and I still get jitters or intermittent lagging no idea what happened but it just started with battle pass I’ll probably reinstall. Also only dota is impacted