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by Ghostrai0. Posted on Jul 14, 2020    0    9

So I tried gamesharing with my cousin but only got the Xbox game pass and didn’t get any of his games?


markhjos 1

My friend and I gameshare. When he buys a game I need to go to games and apps. Then go to "ready to install". His purchased games show up there for me. Good luck

  Ghostrai0 1

None of his games show up such as gta and black ops 3

BlooZebra 1

If you're getting is Gamepass then surely you're paired up. Try to look up the game on the Xbox store instead.

I've had it that my games don't show up so I have to look them up or that my friend buys a game and I have to go and get it from the store. Small little bugs but if you're sharing Gamepass then you're sharing consoles.

  Ghostrai0 1

I tried that with gta 5 and I couldn’t find it no where

Shiing- 1

is his account set as home console on your xbox?

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Dave81j6 2

Make your friend's xbox your 'home' Xbox (as if you bought it and just plugged it in at their house).

Let your friend set your Xbox as their 'home' Xbox (kind of like if they bought an Xbox and plugged it into your house).

I do this and have successfully shared my Game Pass with my brother in law.

  Ghostrai0 1

I did this and none of his games show up and for him none of mine show up

Dave81j6 1

In total, you both need your respective profiles on both consoles.

Where you live
(1) xbox set as your friends 'home' console
(2) now also sign yourself in as an additional profile
(2.5) you'll know if you did it right if when you go to switch profiles you see their profile and your profile as options
(3) you will now have access to your friend's games
(4) once you log yourself in as an additional profile, you'll have access to your games

Then do the same thing at their house, just the opposite.

If none of this works then what you can do is search this sub. This question would have been answered more than once in the past you can find another set of instructions and follow those.