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by Ethan-Goree. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    0    6

Can I make a second account on my Xbox then use that account to game share with my friend. Don’t exactly want to give my main account away so giving details to an account I don’t use wouldn’t mean that much to me.



So can I sign into my friends account and play one of the games he has digitally downloaded ?

Xenti3 1

With any account on any Xbox One S/X (presumably Series S/X too). Having that Xbox set as the "Home Xbox" in settings (each account can't only have one set, and can be changed 5 times). Allows anyone signed in on any account to play games this one owns digitally (physical copies don't apply).

So say your friend makes your Xbox their account's Home Xbox. Then you can download and play any and all of their digitally owned games. The downside being if the account is left signed in purchases etc can be made on the account.

I've done thing with my Sister, giving her access to all of my games. And then signed our after setting it up. Since the Xbox is still technically my Home Xbox it still works.

VCartel27 1

Thank you, this is what I was looking for

Xenti3 1

No problem :) One thing I forgot to mention that I've just remembered. Is the Xbox that's using the account. That is not the home Xbox. Won't be able to play those games if it is offline.

mull3t 1

Sounds more like you don't trust your friend, might wanna reconsider unless he's got something you wanna play too. Peer pressure can lead down the wrong roads

Kepeb 2

No, cos you're sharing the digital purchases and subscriptions attached to the account, so if you made a new account, it would have nothing attached to it.

If it's a friend you know in real life, you could go to their house, sign in on their console, set it as your home Xbox, then remove your account from their console. Game sharing doesn't require the account to be kept on the console. That way you don't have to give out your password.

If it's someone you only know online, I wouldn't risk it. You're obviously having doubts about it already.