by JonathanLoyal. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    0    9

I currently have game pass ultimate for 3 months.

I was wanting to buy some xbox live gold months but i don't know if it would screw up my gamepass or not.

If I redeemed gold with active gamepass ultimate would that mean the gold gets converted into ultimate or something separate?


imposterfish 1

Why would you buy more Live now if you still have Game Pass Ultimate?

  JonathanLoyal 1

I was wondering if gold was converted into gamepass to expand it.

Yaranatzu 2

Yes but do not do that! Once your Gamepass ultimate runs out you can renew your Xbox live gold and do the 1 month gamepass ultimate upgrade again.

  JonathanLoyal 1

that's what I'm gonna do, thanks.

Shekel_Gremlin 2

The gold would be converted to ultimate I don't know what the conversion time would come out to though.

Mr_Evil_Dr_Porkchop 3

It should automatically give you GPU at a 3:1 rate to the gold subscription you buy

  JonathanLoyal 2

what does that mean exactly? Like 3 months of live = one month of gamepass ultimate?

theycallmefists 2


  JonathanLoyal 1

alright thanks!