Gamepass ultimate perks giveaway

by Antlicker2. Posted on Oct 24, 2020    0    6

I don’t play these games so rather than letting them expire, I’m giving them away. Please only use them if you actually play the game

Warframe xbox starter bundle: JJ9YJ-W722R-JV46D-3PW47-DFQZ = letter that comes after J

Dauntless: CHJMR-3CFQX-M2Q4W-J63G3-WX2Z = letter after B

Black desert: 2FG2J-396CG-YMGGQ-KHQQ6-VJP*Z

  • = letter after L

Vigor: 7P33P-YPF4J-KH42D-JMG9V-PXGZ = letter after O

Forza horizon 4: V3GX4–CQQ2W-PKWVH-7GRDJ-XR9Z = letter before H



AlphaJuiceBox 1

Thanks for the Warframe code OP!

FPS_Goon 1

Do u have spotify by any chance? Dont want to sound like a choosy beggar just curious if u do. If so can u message it to me!

  Antlicker2 1

I don’t see it in my list of perks so I don’t think I have it, probably because I live in europe

  Antlicker2 1

Forgive the formatting, did it on my phone

jaseerak 1

Post when you have taken a code

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