Gamer tag changes

by Et_Han12345. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    0    4

I know that you get one free change to your gamer tag and then you have to pay 10$ to change it again, I used my free change a while back and recently I went to change it again, I was expecting to have to spend ten dollars on it, but when I changed it it was free. Does the free change reset after a year or something?


HiMyNameIsAlpha 1

Wow not sure,but would be nice to get ride of those numbers.

Diablo_viking 2

If it does you should remove this post so as to not let the Man know about it.

TheFatedFour 6

When they revamped the gamertag system they gave everyone another free change.

SenseiA1ex 5

When they changed the gamertag system everybody got another free name change