Games like Spore

by psycmike. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    34    36

I recently got back into PC gaming due to being inside so much because of the pandemic. I used to play a game called Spore. It was a good while back, so Im sure graphics and physics aren’t very good by todays standards.

Are there any newer games that are similar to Spore that I should check out?


Congo1986 1

Try Rimworld? May satisfy similar itch, and it’s a great game!

  psycmike 1

Will check it out. Thanks!

Squareinho 1

Hmm, maybe The Universim? Although that one might be more similar to Black & White than Spore.

a-different-person 6

No mans sky filled some of the void for me,
Same emptiness though

  psycmike 1

So are the worlds you explore in NMS random? Or do you have some say in the types of environment it will be?

a-different-person 2

For the most part random, unless you start really getting into the classifications they'd use for stars and systems

  psycmike 1

Beyond resource gathering what other aspects are there to the game? Is it basically exploration, survival and building/crafting?


Yeah thats pretty much it, they've added multiplayer, and its still pretty early on that, but devs still do big updates that change game mechanics and are great improvements

Forgiven12 2

NMS is best enjoyed in VR when you just let the atmosphere seep in and immerse you while listening to some ambient sounds. I enjoyed underwater caverns the most. Building/crafting is definitely the weakest portion unless you really delve into the Creative mode, the inventory system is awful!!

  psycmike 1

What is the goal of the game? The atmospheres do look pretty neat. Unfortunately I don’t have VR though. How immersive is it in VR?

beeshaas 1

From what I could gather playing it for a day or so the goal of the game is to be really, really bored while continually grinding.

Joe2030 3

The Eternal Cylinder... It is not out yet, but is planned for 2020.

refugeeinaudacity 3

There's a spiritual successor to spore in the works, I forget the name though.

ChiefEmann 3

If you want super creative freedom, I'd suggest Dreams and Little Big Planet.

If you are looking for a bit more structured "pick your pieces" customization/experimentation, you might check out Kerbal Space Program.

  psycmike 1

Little Big Planet, I forgot about that one. I remember hearing good things about it when it came out. Thanks!

rammbane 3

Maybe Stellaris if you found the space stage in Spore lacking.

  psycmike 1

Someone else suggested that too. I’ll check it out!

Lavacop 1

Just FYI: never ever pay full price for the base games or DLC. They always go sale. You can normally find the base for 6 bucks.

  psycmike 1

Yeah especially during the Steam summer sale :-)

Lavacop 2

I'd recommend for the best deals. You can easily find better prices for the base and DLCs.

trevorishere 3

Maybe try E.V.O.: The Theory of Evolution (PC-98).

  psycmike 1

I’ll check it out, thanks!

trevorishere 3

SNES has a sequel of sorts to this, also called E.V.O., but the play style is different and the bosses are brutal.

It's a very... odd game.

ripsonfools 3

As a "all in one game" then no...nothing like it I know of. Just games that represent parts of it.

If you have a VR headset you can try Evolution VR. It's heavily inspired by the first bit of the spore game (water stage).

If you're more into the space bit of the game Stellaris is the way to go.

As for the middle "land based" bits...dunno what I would say is close to them.

ragamuffinpuddingpie 5

Maybe Niche?

sizziano 30

Not really. Spored suffered IMO for trying to do too many things. What exactly about spore did you like? Creature creation? The RTS aspect? Space age?

  psycmike 2

The character design aspect of it.

sizziano 1

Can't think of anything like that off the top of my head. Why not just get spore?

beeshaas 2

If you enjoy the design aspect you might enjoy Impossible Creatures, currently on sale for what I guess will be US$1 converted from my local currency.

  psycmike 2

Just watched the trailer. Looks fin. Thanks!

ChalkButter 15

I don’t know about OP, it I liked it for the creature creation

Ghostflux 3

Impossible Creatures is an old game that kind of tried a similar concept. It wasn't very spectacular, but I still enjoyed it.

  psycmike 9

Same for me.

SasquatchBurger 11

Not sure if you have tried it recently or not. But it's not actually aged that badly imo, the graphics were cartoony anyway so holds up well for that reason. Last I remember it worked on high Res displays just fine.

  psycmike 2

Ok maybe I will install it for nostalgia sake ;-)

sizziano 5

Can't think of any other game like that. Might as well just get spore at that point.