Games like Tzar: Burden of the Crown?

by CardLighter. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    0    10

I use to play this non-stop and loved the RTS Build-Your-Castle game style. Just like the original Warcraft. I haven’t played Starcraft or Command and Conquer. But is there anything else out there? More up to date being the games I listed are like 20 years old lol


Rwlyra 1

Games listed being 20 years old might be because Tzar and it's RTS style is 20 years old. Try Spellforce 3, Starcraft 2, Dawn of War 1 (2 is more tactics than base-building).

DeusVult57 1

Stronghold HD, for sure! I loved Tzar as well, especially how you could build your own items!

  CardLighter 2

Checking it out now!

blackjack9408 1

Stronghold saga

rexr0th 2

I would recommend Knights and Mechants.

It was a beautiful game for me in which you just spend most of your time building rather than fighting. You carefully plan your layout connect buildings with roads. You see all the things that your people do in the game. Going to eat, building, harvesting, carrying stuff from somewhere to somewhereelse. Beautiful to watch, good old times.

Leathery420 2

I assume you've checked out age of empires. There is also age of mythology and Rise of nations.

The Cossacks series may also be worth a look. The first 2 games are older like the others mentioned. Though Cossacks 3 came out a couple years ago.

Here is the steam page which it's on sale for 60% off til the 9th of july. So like 8-10$ vs 20-22$ regular price.

  CardLighter 1

Perfect! Thanks for this!

CalendulaTea 2

Oh wow other people know about it? First time seeing anyone except me talking about it at all.

  CardLighter 3

Ha! Same here! I’ve easily sunk 5-10k hours into this game growing up. I think you can still get it on GOG

CalendulaTea 1

I've still got a version I've installed god knows how long ago from a CD. Just copying it from a USB drive ever since then. Cool that GOG got it tho.