Games with the girlfriend

by Danoobski. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    22

Hey guys,

My girlfriend isn't really a gamer, but she liked playing some simple games with me together.

We started playing a Rayman (xbox 360 game), because she knew Rayman from her childhood. After finishing the story we went to play Lego Pirates (xbox 360 game), because she liked Pirates of the Caribbean. We played through the story en went for an extra's round through the game, but then switched to Lego Ninjago and played that story mode.

But now we don't know what to play together. Do you guys have any tips for games to play? I have downloaded all the Games with Gold for the last 10 years or so.


[edit]: She doesn't like sport games and it doesn't need to be that fast paced like a shooter. She started to learn to use the right joystick for viewing around her in the Ninjago game we played.

[edit]: thanks for the options guys, more are always welcome! I will show the games and hopefully we can pick from the games you guys provided.


123imnotme 2

Stardew valley. It doesn’t have local coop as far as I can remember, but what a great game..

Chundas 2

Stardew valley!

UchiSnuffle 2

I recommend mine craft dungeons

VesselOFWAR6666 2

Mortal Kombat.

  Danoobski 1

Its probably a little to fast that she doesn’t understand which buttons to press

AcidikDrake 2

My girlfriend wasn't a gamer at all when we met, but now she's loving them! One of the first games we played together was Overcooked and we both had a blast.

  Danoobski 2

I totally forgot about that one! We played it a little bit before all the other games I mentioned. I will bring this one back for sure!

houseofbacon 2

Moving Out is similar, a bit more difficult.

AcidikDrake 2

I'll have to check that one out as I haven't heard of it. Thanks for that!

cosmoboy 2
TheMinisculeX 2


ArchDucky 3

Portal 2 has a pretty good co-op mode. It will also test the relationship.

The Ori games are great for women because of the story. They are fucking pixar sad in places and star a cute character. It also teaches you to play the game, so its great for non-gamers who are starting out.

poopatron123 1

Yeah.. And the game never trains you for the insane difficult levels.

ArchDucky 1

Yes it does.

SirJungleBunny 3

Castle crashers

N1ghtwolf1 3


JamStars_RogueCoyote 1

I second this. My lady and I played Overcooked 1 & 2. It was great.

MikeOretta1 3

Lego Star Wars?

  Danoobski 1

Well because we played 2 Lego games already, she is (for now) kinda done with the concept. But it’s still an option for later!

bajablast12 5

A way out

grimoireviper 4

Lovers in a dangerous space time (I think that's the name) is a great game to play with your partner.

Rusty-Pipe-Wrench 2

Was gonna say this! My wife loved it.