Getting my dad an xbox one

by vanduychr. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    6

So my dad inherited my 360 when I upgraded and I found out he plays on it a lot. playing 2 of the games I had purchased for it on a regular basis. I am tempted to buy him a Xbox one and I know of 3 games I can buy for him that he will enjoy. however I have many games I bought digitally for my one. is there a way I can let him use my account on another Xbox to play some games even though we don't live in the same home that doesn't break the rules?


kdecrumpe 2

Yes when he gets his Xbox one and makes his profile. He needs to go i to settings>general>personalization>my home xbox>make this my home xbox

FlamingBaconCake 5

Set his new Xbox One as your "Home Xbox" then when he plays on his account he will have access to play all of your digital games. Plus it will share your Xbox Live Gold with him allowing him to play online for free.

You will still have access to all your digital games on other consoles as long as you use your account.

  vanduychr 1

I wont have a issue with my Xbox? and is this a "legal" option? it doesn't break any terms and conditions?

FlamingBaconCake 1

You will still have access to your games on any Xbox using your account, but the one set as your "Home Xbox" will allow any account to play your games.

It's legal. Family and friends are allowed to play games on your Home Xbox. They've no way of knowing if you live with your dad or not.

Not_Cave_Johnson 2

This is a great option as long as OP does not currently have other people who also use his Xbox.

  vanduychr 2

Noone else uses my xbox