Gimme ur opinion

by dota26062008. Posted on Oct 24, 2020    1    5

Guys im gonna spend 5$ every month what is worth or only dota plus?


  dota26062008 1

Wow i didnt now that

Zeitclown 1

Honestly I'd spend the money for a lot of the features if it were the only one.

The damage breakdown ingame, Herolevels/voicelines/relics, stack timer, the sets (the old/golden ones).

Other stuff is great too. I recommend.

  dota26062008 1

I can sell the courier?

H4V3N1931 1

Yes you can.

yesilovepizzas 3

If you're gonna play regularly, farm shards, and get that courier, you can get back like $10ish per courier. If you farm enough and get lucky, you'd get a return of your investment.