(Giveaway) 14 day trial for Gamepass Ultimate.

by SaguaroAD. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    1    13

How’s life for you right now? I’ll DM the code later tonight.

Edit: Congrats to u/muffinjar98


zabigguchiizutsu 1

I'm doing good, just being lazy inside the house most of the time...

muffinjar98 1

Honestly it’s been pretty good. I’ve spent my time trying to pick up hobbies. I used to box but since I’m stuck in quarantine I’ve had to learn how to train and weightlift at home. I’ve picked up drawing and cooking as new hobbies. I used to always dress up (suits everywhere) but now I’m trying to learn to dress for comfort while remaining professional. The toughest part is being away from my gf but I have my family with me and I’m close to all of them. I haven’t touched my Xbox since quarantine started because there aren’t any new games coming out since all the game companies are waiting for the new consoles. And I don’t want to just throw money at my Xbox for games I MIGHT like.

RadiantCashew 1

It's good. Quarenten can be boring but their are sparks of enjoyment. My xbox live recently ran out and I'm not in the position to get another one. Thanks for the opportunity. :)

Strange-Scientist 1

Thank you. Hopefully you are enjoying your weekend and doing fine. Would be really grateful for the code.

Kailua99 1

It is all good, thanks a lot for asking. Currently my nephew has come for a visit from another city. He is a PC boy, but I can feel that he really enjoys Xbox gaming, although his inner pride does not allow him to admit the fact.

joben300 1

Doing good watching lots of shreck would love some ultimate though thanks :)

bossp123 1

It could be better but due to the circumstances you have to adapt.

lickyabogeys 1

Not too bad thanks mate! Just had a baby so thats for sure a game changer haha, hope your good!

tmanxxx 1

It’s been good, other than the fact there’s no sports!

gameidtest5 1

Actually going well. I’ve been stuck with offline games for a week since I cant purchase xbox-related stuff anymore in my country. But thank God Netflix is slowly killing the boredom..

eeeeeeeeeeieieiei 1

Pretty good right now so

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