[Giveaway]Various Game Pass Ultimate Perk Codes (1 per account)

by Siliwinter. Posted on Oct 17, 2020    10    3

Dauntless: Emerald Steel Weapon Skins + Materials: HX3T3-34F7H-T3F?3- PTFC6-VDT9Z

Gears 5: Starter Pack: 3M3?6-VM6C6-4MP2X-YGV9R-64WDZ

Forza Horizon 4: Road Trip Car Bundle: ?H9TC-2RD22-RGH2Y-D97R3-?Q7CZ

Black Desert Online: Hashashin Bundle: 6Y34?-XRCXF-TPCKV-QD6Q?-H2WWZ

Phantasy Star Online 2: October Member Pack (10x 100% Triboosts, 5x Half-scape dolls, 5x Casino Coin Passes, I would have claimed this but the Microsoft Store is a bitch to use so enjoy): K34P3-7M747-3WV7?-WM466-PYWPZ

Vigor: Armed Outlander Bundle: KF3KT-KP3TV-63KVX-4W??7-3G66Z

? are the letter J, en?oy and let me know what you were able to get!


Bmartling 1

Thanks! I grabbed the Gears one

JVictorOT 1

People don't even say thanks, I tried with Forza with no luck. :(

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