Glen More 2 : Chronicles 2020

by davydee2000ca. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    13    9

Hey everyone,

Just wondering what the owners the game feel about the game after playing it a few times. I'm thinking about getting my own copy. Cheers


kfadffal 2

I've played it half a dozen times and we used our first module (the boats) last night. It was great, gave us something else to think about without overloaded or overshadowing the core game. I highly recommend picking it up if it looks at all appealing.

CrimsonV9 3

i like it quite a bit, still haven't played with all the modules yet. It is a relatively fast game for us and we usually play 2 or 3 player.

manicstreetpaul 2

Love love love this game! We’ve been playing it a ton, and have got through about half the modules so far. The core game is a fascinating little spatial efficiency puzzle, but the variety from the modules is through the roof. If you like your mid-weight Euros and tile-laying games I don’t think you can go far wrong with it. Probably my favourite game released in the last year or so.

ChimpdenEarwicker 2

Yah I have been eyeing it. My only thing is many people seem to think its good but I dont see people saying they loveee it.

It looks like a great game that you can actually get to the table with people who normally check out of meatier games though. The turn order/tile picking mechanic is a big reason I suspect that this as it just looks like such an immediately fun way to interact with others.

juststartplaying 5

Welcome to the sub! This might fit best in the pinned thread.

I just got my copy and have played the basic game once. It was good. I'm excited to try the modules. It felt like a lighter Heaven & Ale. Certainly some deep strategies in here, but easy to learn your first game.

  davydee2000ca 2

Excellent to hear!! I'll be picking this one up. Bonus is that it's also a beautiful looking game.

jeffb007 3

I have played it six times now, all two player, without any chronicles. I've enjoyed every game, it feels like some strategies might be stronger than others, but maybe it is just a case of in a two player game it being easier to peruse them.

DrNewton 3

I've played it about 5-6 times with my family, I love it. Haven't tried any of the chronicles yet, the base game is great. I bought this on a whim and am glad I did.

I admit I was having 2nd thoughts when you open the box and it tells you to watch a youtube video about the proper way to unbox it.

Can't wait to play this with competitive adults!

BillyMoustache 3

Played a handful of times and no intention on stopping. You can try it on Tabletopia (which I highly recommend).