Good mid heroes to spam in 4k bracket?

by Betlog069. Posted on Oct 24, 2020    3    10

Any suggestions?



Get good at tinker you, the sky is the limit. I had a massive lose streak few months ago went from 5.4k to 4.4k. i learnt tinker and climbed back in no time. Not quite a strong hero but he can solo carry really hard and below 5k they don't counter him even if the counter pick him.

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6k MMR here or ex booster, TA. Against 4k, if you're good, you can still beat the counters. Most of the counters, huskar, viper ( go figure) has only early spikes, so even if you lose the lane( just don't fucking feed), you can recover easily with ancient/ camp stacks and jungle. At that bracket people are shit when it comes to timing pushes cuz people don't know their hero timings. Once you hit yours (deso at 11 mins) you're easily the strongest hero in the game. You'll even melt your counters if you play it right. If played properly with your team, it's a 25 mins game. Gl

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I'm at 3.9 atm and the best you can do is to balance your team with your last pick. Cuz no stun lineups are common and no space creators. There were times where i went BB mid cuz it was a good pick for our team. I suggest you to not spam cuz sometimes you are countering yourself too hard and ppl there will definitely take advantage of that. But just take this as an opinion cuz I'm still not above 4k so i can be wrong.

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for what purpose?

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This completely depends on your play style and what you think your strengths are as a player.

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Clinkz is the strongest one right now. Drow and Zeus are also very solid. Void spirit is probably the best ganker.

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Void Spirit!

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well if you like ruining other peoples day clinkz is a good choice.

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The ones you know how to play

pridedota 6

the spirit brothers