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I see that some of the content creators that I follow are trying out this game but i'm curious if this is soloable because so far, the people i've seen playing this have been doing multiplayer since day 1.



Just FYI alot of the higher tier enemies (i.e. spiders) are basically impossible to kill ATM so in that respect it's hard but that's the same for multiplayer as well. They've yet to add the higher tier armour and weapons so you basically have to avoid them when playing.

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Insect bow and mint hammer makes short work of wolf spiders, just get your block timing down. The other spiders are easily taken down with the insect axe. I've only played solo and they've given me very little trouble.

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Yes you can play it solo. If you have Game Pass, it's on there.


What is gave pass

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Gotcha. Yes i have gamepass. I'll check it out when I get home.

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Thanks I didn't even realise it was on there, off to try it now.