Grounded Impressions?

by jonnio2215. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    1    24

We’ve had less than 24 hours of full access to grounded, what does everyone think so far? Personally the base building and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids vibes make me like it a lot more than other survival games of the same ilk. Obviously the story isn’t really there right now which is a bummer, but there’s loads of potential. Spiders don’t usually creep me out, but in the current build their glass cannon damage output is crazy.

P.S. don’t look up how to craft specific items online. Adds to the immersion and makes the game way more satisfying


GodzillaMorty 1

I love this game, does our stuff carry over when the game comes out next week?

  jonnio2215 1

The game is already out.

AnimeVibeCheck 2

I saw this game be advertised on gamepass and only looked like a short match based system. What type of game is this, I like the idea

rdub916 1

It’s like Rust, or Conan, or ark (without the Dino’s) it’s a survival game.

  jonnio2215 2

It’s a survival game. Can be played anywhere between 1 and 4 players. Basically collect materials, weapons, build a base to survive onslaughts from insects that are bigger than you and your friends. There is a story involved as well, although there’s likely very little of it in the current iteration since it’s in game preview.

4 kids get shrunk, try to get big again while fighting off ants and other things. If you have Gamepass I’d recommend trying it since it’s already paid for. Oh, and Obsidian made it

Travy93 4

It's 4 player co-op survival, base building game. I've spent probably nearly 10 hours in my world so far.

AnimeVibeCheck 3

So can it be played solo?

  jonnio2215 1


Travy93 3

Yes although it is pretty difficult to fight the harder bugs solo. Even with 2 people it is much easier. I don't think their health/difficulty scales with number of players (yet?). There is easy, medium, hard difficulty though and I've only played it on medium.

wellthenhg22 2

I think it’s a cool idea, and I get it’s in preview but I didn’t care for it. I think the market is too saturated with “survival” games like this right now.

zydrate10189 2

Those large spiders coming out of nowhere make it so intense , I enjoyed the little bit of story as well. I'm def excited to see how it changes throughout its time .


Don't forget you can see the grass moving where the bigger bugs are, to give you some warning.


You say not to look up how to make things, but I'm having all kinds of issues figuring out how to make the spider web bounce pads. Someone mentioned needing rubber but I can't even figure that out despite having researched everything I've come across so far.
Anyway... So far I'm having fun. I rushed the story bit in less than an hour so I could unlock floors. Story so far ain't much, but I wasn't playing for story anyway.

The survival part of the game is fun so far. Near the tree, you have those round log bits that kinda form a fence. I built up on top of those. I'm gonna have my base span the entire length of the fence eventually. Right now it's only using 3 of the logs.

I recently started work on turning one log into a storage area full of chests. I turned a little area on the ground into a storage for weed stems and grass planks. I have a mounted ant head on my wall.

I can say though, the building needs to be changed ever so slightly. It's a little too restrictive. Constantly telling me I can't place walls and floors in certain spots. And I couldn't even place stairs where I wanted because it kept wanting to snap to everything nearby, instead of letting me free-place them in the center. Definitely needs some fixing.

Travy93 3

I really like it so far. It's been fun and also surprisingly a little challenging. The big aggressive bugs will ruin you even with armor and decent weapons. Some QOL updates and bug fixes needed for sure and maybe reduced spawns on the spiders. Haven't ran into anything game breaking yet though. I don't know how long the current build will last me as I've explored a good portion of the map and have moved on to exploring areas that are supposed to be restricted.

  jonnio2215 2

Yeah we finished the end point of the story within 2 hours last night. We’re also maniacs when it comes to survival games so maybe 4 hours of story are currently in the game?


Not even close. I ran through the story casually and finished in like, an hour at most. Story definitely isn't a big deal yet.

Survival is where it's at.

Travy93 3

I rushed the main objectives by myself and probably "finished" it in less than 1 hour probably more like 45 mins lol. I got lucky and didn't run into any spiders. Plenty more to see and explore after that though.

LaKost117 9

F the spiders. I’m just saying.

  jonnio2215 4

My group made our way to the tree, I took the high ground. 2 wolf spiders followed them from the tree’s hollow, and another from the lab entrance, destroyed them in seconds. The juice box is now a graveyard.

LaKost117 4

So my story is a short one and goes as follows. clears throat I see the spider, I throw spear at the spider, spider awoke quick as lightening, made its noise, then I was DED dead.

  jonnio2215 3

Could’ve been worse. We got swarmed by larvae at our digital scale base while this happened. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. They knocked over all our grass and weed stacks :( somehow that was worse than the spiders

LaKost117 2

Good grief. Sounds like your friends and yourself are fully enjoying it though. I’m enjoying it as well solo.

  jonnio2215 2

It’s fantastic, plenty of room to grow. If you haven’t already, give The Forest a try. If Obsidian can replicate that formula of updates and improvements Grounded might be a game we play for a long time.

LaKost117 2

I’ve owned The Forest for awhile now. Thank you though for the recommendation. I have way too many crafting games haha.