Halo MCC 4K 120fps

by basevall2019. Posted on Sep 16, 2020    0    6

This is the one and only feature that will get me to get a next gen Xbox. That game is still getting tons of support and are old original Xbox and 360 era games.

Will these games have 4k 120fps multiplayer support or even any 120fps multiplayer support like Gears?

Considering no Halo Infinite for awhile and this being one of the only major Halo games has it been discussed if this games is going to be 120fps or not?


xxxJakkxxx 3

Probably won't get 4k/120 but could get 1440/120

eclaireN7 2

There are issues with some of the games in MCC above 60fps on PC. Until thats fixed, i doubt you'll get 120fps on console.

Sanctine 2

I kinda have my doubts. These are older games and 343 has had so much trouble getting them to run properly as is.

In fact the frame rate in the Halo CE and Halo 2 campaigns has been broken for a while on Xbox One X with no word on when a patch will ever fix it.

Promising 120 FPS may be shooting themselves in the foot considering what this collection has already been through.

Re-toast 4

They should be able to easily hit that peformance target but they haven't said anything about updates to the game so who knows.


No buy until they say then

JabroniSn0w 2