Harry Potter House Cup Competition, compared to other worker placement games?

by CoolBowTiesAre. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    15    6

Good morning! Was able to pick up Harry Potter House Cup Competition last night. The OP to date has our trust on Harry Potter games, we really enjoy Death Eaters Rising and Hogwarts Battle. So we got this game blind.

We played it last night. This is our first worker placement board game. I have watched videos on some worker placement games, but this is our first to put hands on. We really enjoyed it. Will have great replay value and looks like it will be a completely different game depending on number of players. Great addition to collection. And the theme is great for us. (Sometimes theme is a huge factor for games for us.)

But I did want to ask. How does it compare to other higher profile worker placement games? Is this the normal? is it just complete entry level trash in comparison? Is it possible better? I have no clue!
I value opinions and thoughts!

Thank you.


Cube-1701 2

I'm eager to find a good Harry Potter game, but the images of the game just look so uninspiring. The artwork just looks so generic and doesn't have the "feel" of Harry Potter at all (reminds me of Pottermore, went from a magical Harry Potter style to "my first responsive blog design").

I feel like The Big Book of Madness will be the closest thing I'll ever get.

Dice_and_Dragons 2

It hasn’t released in Canada yet. We did an interview with Ross from the op and he said the major difference from other games is that it’s more family friendly and has less opportunities to get in peoples faces or do potential negative actions against opponents. Hope that helps.

wildestnacatl 4

We've had it for a couple weeks and played it 3x at 2p. Honestly I probably wouldn't play it over other worker placement games if not for the theme.

The idea of your workers not being interchangeable and having different stats leveled is interesting, though there doesn't seem to be much incentive to level them differently each game. Would be good if there were individual goal cards or round bonuses that were things like "get 30 points if each student is level 3 in X."

Anyway, I'd say it is just middle-of-the-road compared to other worker placement games. Our favorite is Everdell, though that is a hybrid worker placement/engine builder.

Brodogmillionaire1 3

Ever since playing Hogwarts Battle, I've been saying that Harry Potter would work better as a worker placement game. Or at least a hybrid with deckbuilding where you actually fine tune your deck across the years. Instead of workers, you could have time tokens representing how you're spending your year at Hogwarts - classes you go to or blow off, activities, Quidditch, mischief, etc. And then at the end of every year, you have to solve a mystery or whatever. Just play 7 rounds. Bada Boom, Bada Bing. This looks closer to that dream than Hogwarts Battle, which feels shallow and a step way backwards for deckbuilding.

How is the game for its theming? The board looks fairly generic. :/

  CoolBowTiesAre 2

" The board looks fairly generic "

it has the worst artwork of any OP Potter game. There just ins't artwork beyond the 12 little character tokens, the player boards and the "House cup" holder. The small pile of locations is, again, just movie screen shots of places. It is good quality stuff. A lot of decent components and great storage in the box for everything. The "challenge" and "lesson" cards have no artwork beyond the games symbol system, but are similar stock to Wingspan cards.

" How is the game for its theming? "

They do have a little "story" to the lesson or challenge that thematically fits the benefit. (Example, brew a sleeping potion, do not place the character, get a free level up, the character gets placed last after everyone is done). We enjoy the way they set up the theme. It's not some giant crazy story its just "Cho defeated a boggart" reward! "Ron caused mayhem at the Ministry!" Reward!. As someone that plays way to many Arkham Horror Files games, a quick little blurb to whats going on is very nice.

TL:DR. Garbage art (not really garbage, just there really isnt any). Good quality. Theme is 100% there for story and mechanics, just not strong.

wildestnacatl 3

The theme comes through less than Hogwarts Battle or Death Eaters Rising, but it does still feel like HP. The vials that you put house-colored beads in for points are neat.