Has We Happy Few Gotten Better?

by Handbag1992. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    77    19

I remember it was awful at launch, being criticized for a huge number of serious bugs and a dull scavenger gameplay loop. Has this been fixed or is it worth skipping altogether?



I got it on sale, still haven't motivated myself to play it. If you're afraid of bugs, looks like a pretty friendly title just from booting into it.

r4in 1

It got better, but the dull stealth scavenger gameplay loop stayed pretty much same.

rrolapsedpose 1

It would have made a killing if Gearbox wasn't involved at publishing and was priced half its rrp. Price isn't worth the package.

GachiKombat 1

I couldn't get into it myself. I tried it on Gamepass and the game's intro is really great, but the rest of the game can get really boring. Also the game's performance is genuinely bad, at least on the Gamepass version.

xereo 2

Started playing recently and I really enjoyed the story along with the side quests.

radixrrr 4

In my opinion the main campaign(open world concept) is the same, with less bugs. The DLCs are better, but they are essentially a classic story based linear FPSs. If you like those - you should try them, the stories are nice.

that_pie_face 5

This is how I feel this game should have been from the start. I probably played 10 hours on the game pass before it felt like a slog. The story was interesting and I really liked the theme of the world but the open world aspect just made it a little too drug out.

LedditorOpinions 1

When it was first announced I thought it was going to be a linear fps like Bioshock and was really excited. Then they finally showed off gameplay and I couldn't believe it was basically a resource gathering survival game. Such wasted potential.

radixrrr 1

I think the designers aimed the game at the survival/crafting type game geeks. But the world and the premise is great indeed. I like the animated art style as well.

KoAlurker91 3

To be honest, you're gonna see a lot of things where you go "Really?" Like for example what killed it for me is there's literal clones of every NPC that spawn and no 2 NPCs look different there's only like 3 different character models.

Lordgeorge16 4

I liked the idea that each main character you play as has a completely different playstyle. But some of those playstyles really don't mesh well with the game's engine or mechanics. The stories were alright, but there were some glaring inconsistencies between characters when they interacted with each other (which can sort of be explained by in-universe reasons, but I think the devs just got lazy and didn't want to fix their mistakes).

M0ty 3

Just try it on Gamepass. I enjoyed the stories, but yeah, gameplay can be a little bland.

Maxy85 15

Skip it

George_Jefferson 33

I played it on Game Pass. I don't remember experiencing any bugs, but I did get bored after about 2 hours of gameplay though.

b-macc 19

This was my experience as well.

Silove 86

Would recommend skipping. Its premise is interesting but the game play loop is still really boring, it hasn't gotten a whole lot better IMO.

Renegade_Meister 3

So its No Man's Sky on a hellish planet of talking drugged mimes, except the game hasn't gotten better?

Silove 1

Pretty much, I think for a while they said they were going to fix it but, public opinion wasn't great and it wasn't doing well commercially so it just kinda faded into the background and kinda disappeared.

Renegade_Meister 1

Its too bad it won't get an engoodening