have you had any issues in quality with the elite series 2 controller?

by twilight_sparkle7511. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    5    6

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I haven't had a single problem. Might be because I don't own one tho....

ecto_BRUH 1

Have friends return more than 5 controllers just to be sent a bad one back. I tried, got a bad one, and immediately sent it back and gave up because they dont have gyro anyways

iDragonXT 1

I had issues with the first series 2 I ordered but now have a replacement which works flawlessly

Slepprock 2

I've gone through 4 so far. They are worse than the original ones.

My first two had problems with the bumpers; after a couple months they would only work half the time. The third one developed stick drift within a month. Bad stick drift. I'm on mine 4th one now, and so far so good (its been two weeks).
They are still the best controller out there. I would rather pay a little more though for one that lasted

Totally_mirage 2

got stick drift to the left in both sticks, LB and up on the D pad like to double click

Geezso 4

Now I read that UP TO 30%, MAY have been affected. I cannot for the life of me fine the article, but perhaps this small poll may give an insight.

Good work.