HDR question

by Cookie-Snatcher69. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    10

When quitting game that have HDR sometimes the HDR effect will stay even after quitting the game, sometime I have to restart the Xbox or start the game then quit the game. Why is this?


ITCHYisVegeta 1

I just leave HDR off. I like it when playing Halo MCC, but that's it. Everything else looks too grey.

Turok1134 1

Have you tried turning off your TV instead? That's what I do and it fixes it.

I have this issue with my One X, but never with my PS4 Pro for some reason.

  Cookie-Snatcher69 2

Same with me always with my One X, never with my Pro. I usually just restart the console or start the game again and quit it. I’ll try powering off the tv then powering it back on next time.

Mustache_Guy 1

That sounds like a TV issue. My TV has this problem sometimes. I can fix it on my TV by simply changing inputs and switching back to my Xbox. TV recognizes there is no HDR content anymore and shuts off the HDR.


Did not think of trying that thanks, do you have an LG TV? That is what I have.

Mustache_Guy 1

Nah I have TCL TV but I've heard of it happening to many TVs.

ibjimig 1

Your TV somehow isn't acknowledging the HDR signal has been turned off. Could be an Xbox thing if it doesn't happen to any other source

bandwidthsloth 1

HDR effect?

TheBigSm0ke 1

He’s referring to his TV not switching back to standard brightness.

bandwidthsloth 1

Ahh, never heard it referred to an an ‘effect’ before.