How about double down for Dota+?

by OnurKorkmaz22. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    4    9

Since everyone mostly hates current status of the Dota+, Valve will surely update it sometime and bring some new stuff. I believe having few weekly rank double down would be really cool



I wouldn't mind this


how about free Tesla S class for 1000000 shards?

DnDGregC 3

How about they change the people you can avoid from 15 to 1500

  OnurKorkmaz22 1

Wait, is there a limit for it? I thought i avoid at least 300people, looks like not :(

DnDGregC 1

15 man limit might be ok if you are 9k mmr but for everyone else it is game ruining.

YoLoDrScientist 6

This would be unfair and pay to win. I have DOTA+ and I still think this would be total bullshit. No way.


Then why they give it in compendium? It's pay2win too. There is no single difference.

YoLoDrScientist 2

Once a year for 4 months (~16.7 weeks) vs. 12 months (52 weeks)? There's a massive potential to gain MMR much, much faster. It's not the same thing. Source: BP released May 25th and ends Sept 19th.

ProgWheel 1

I mean... you can also lose the games? It's not like a guaranteed double mmr lol