How can I download game files (compressed size) from the internet, not steam?

by TheKnightSnow. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    0    6

I am aware the question is quite odd, but for some reason my downloads on steam is very slow besides my internet is limited.

So is there a way to download them from the web?

Note: if that’s illegal and violating the steam rules and could result in a ban, please let me know so I don’t get banned :)


Alien-Veilan 3

you can't download from the web, and really the only other way of actually doing that involves a big wooden ship with black sails and a big skull and crossbones.

  TheKnightSnow 1

what a shame, anyway thanks for answering my question :)

Reddit5484 2

but there are other ways... If you have a friend that has the same game and you have a external drive you can copy the install folder and related files and then steam will see if you purchased the same game.

  TheKnightSnow 1

Sadly can’t meet up with my friend due to the pandemic.

Reddit5484 2

ah thats true.. even if you wear masks etc?

  TheKnightSnow 1

Nope :(