How do I contact Xbox support or something?

by Sapphire-Hannibal. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    11

I’m having a problem that every solution the virtual gent presented me, didn’t fix and I want to actually talk to a real person

Does anyone know the phone number I have to contact?



Google knows


When I search it up it never shows anything on how to talk to an actually person, just the virtual agent, talk to an Xbox gamer, or post on the forums

EvilWaterman 1

What country?

  Sapphire-Hannibal 1

United States

EvilWaterman 1

I tried to find it but cause I'm in the UK it keeps defaulting to the UK website

KesMonkey 2

> it keeps defaulting to the UK website

In the url, change "en-gb" to "en-us".

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greenyquinn 2

Keep saying no to the virtual agent until you get a real person.

I just got them to call me in under 3 minutes from the xbox contact us page

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Devious018 2

contacting them might be pretty hard during corona but just look for the support page and you can try text chat with a real person, i’m not sure if you are saying you already done that but if not give a try

  Sapphire-Hannibal 1

Ok thanks