How do I redownload a game so that it looks brand new (no user mods)?

by silverback_79. Posted on Oct 17, 2020    2    5

I have screwed up my IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 installation somehow and the game won't start. Doing a regular re-download changes nothing, mods and folders are the same, and Verifying the Integrity of Game Files also does nothing.

So how do I force Steam to download the game as if it was brand new?


LeScotian 1

You can find the IL2 install folder within your steam folder and delete it (or alternatively you could rename it for now and delete it later). That will eliminate the game from your downloaded library completely. Here is how to find the install folder.

As for the mods, I haven't installed any myself but I think that mods for this game are all manual installs. If that is the case, by deleting the install folder above you will remove the mods as well.

Last step is to redownload the game and you'll have a fresh install.

If I may ask, what mods would you recommend for this game?

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Thank you for the description, will try out. I already tried manually deleting the Steam folder in Common, but I haven't tried renaming it.

About mods: Well, VP Modpack is a very big name, it has a list of mods that it installs and you get planes, missions, and campaigns made by users, different theaters, a Jetwar mod that gives Korea/Vietnam jets. Some nifty stuff.

The only thing I never seem to find is the Hawker Sea Fury (1946). I wish someone made that plane in IL-2.

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Thanks. I'll look for that one. It's odd to me that deleting the game folder did not resolve the issue. Is there any chance that you installed the game in more than one location over the years and one of those game directories was inactive? I'm grasping at straws here trying to figure out.

The other comment left about unsubscribing to installed Workshop mods is definitely true. I didn't think that there were Workshop mods for 1946 but maybe there are and that is the root of the problem.

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If you have any workshop mods installed you need to 'Unsubscribe' to them in Steam or they'll automatically get reinstalled every time the game updates.