How do you know which games are still active from Steam?

by LilJDX. Posted on Oct 17, 2020    0    3

How do you know which game from Steam are shutdown? I'm referring to MMORPG games like Swordsman Online, Echo of Soul, Wildstar.... Ect

How come Steam doesn't take those games down from their library, so people don't download them.


BronzeHeart92 1

Every Steam game has a community, yes? Checking the player count there should be a good start.

DiiiCA 4

It would be a bad idea to take away games that have their servers shut down.

Many games still have a singleplayer option or a third-party server support, and removing the game would take away people's achievements, items, and cloud saves in case the devs decided to turn the servers back on.

Also steam is more than just a store, it's also a repository. Every build of a game ever uploaded is stored in the steam servers, so even if the devs go bankrupt the files are still available if they don't pull it from steam.

To check if a game is still active, just use SteamCharts and see the player count.

  LilJDX 1

Thank you