How does a new game contribute towards game completion?

by ThatDamnDefault. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    2    4

When you buy/install a game with achievements, does it immediately bring down your average game completion?


WaterElitist 1

It happens when you've launched it for the first time.

  ThatDamnDefault 3

Okay. I heard that it only counted when you earned the first achievement for the game, that’s why I was confused.

WaterElitist 1

Oh that might be true actually. I just know it's not when you own it, or else my stats would be much lower.

Lurus01 1

As far as I was aware it counts once you have launched it for the first time. So having a ton of unplayed does nothing but if you have launched it then it counts against your totals(provided it counts for your profile as some games may be profile features limited which you could see from the store page)