How is Fallout 76 now?

by DarkOmen597. Posted on Oct 24, 2020    14    56

Saw its on sale on steam, and was wondering how it is now.

Did it redeem itself? Can I solo the game?

What are your thoughts?




You could solo it before tbh. It’s probably only gotten worse over time

  DarkOmen597 2

Worse!? Oof


It is bethesda we are talking about after all. They haven’t done anything good in a LONG time and have only made things more broken after release

1jackg 4

Its received a ton of updates and content since launch. Ignore the 'Bethesda bad' fan boy. Solid game but wasn't my cup of tea.


The game has always been pretty good, it just wasn't (and still isn't) what a lot of people wanted (ie. Fallout 5). If you're going in expecting that, then you'll be disappointed. The Wastelanders content is in that style and is very good but is only really equivalent to a mid-sized DLC.
Otherwise it's just a great sandbox RPG. There's plenty of different options for builds, combat is another decent step up, the world design is top notch as usual and there's loads of quality content to do.
Also to answer your question, the entire game is doable solo. There's a few endgame events that'll be very difficult solo but they're also public so you'll rarely be alone for them.

They're having a free week currently so you might as well give it a shot.

Cumpilation 1

Yes, had more fun than Fallout 4.

tulumba2 1

Decent, it isnt a complete shit show. I suggest also asking this in their sub, but dont take it all at face value


>Did it redeem itself?

it was always good

its only issues was bugs and lack of end game content,both of which are fixed now

>What are your thoughts?

as a long time fallout fanboy (first fallout game for me was fallout 1) its great i have over 1500 hours on it and i play since the 2018 launch

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GaaraOmega 1

There's a free trial on Steam so you can try it out.

Coldstripe 1

Me and two friends bought it on sale, we all could hardly play through the intro because of FPS problems.

kroktar 1

At launch i barely touched it...but with wastelanders update i got addicted until i ran out of content(i do love fallout tho so it may be a bit biased)

Of course this is only if you dont mind much creation engine performance.

NinjaEngineer 1

You can play it for free until th 26th, so why not download it and try it out? I'm doing that, gonna check out how well it runs on my PC and whether or not it's worth my time (and money).

-Phinocio 1

It's free to play until the 26th (iirc), so why not give it a shot?

MakoRuu 1

It's fun with a couple of friends, if all you're doing is running around and exploring doing missions. Don't try to solo it, though. You can't play it lone wolf like you do with Fallout 4, the group content is too difficult.

Ass-Chews 1

I sunk a couple hundred hours into it, it's my most played game on steam oddly enough. It's not a perfect game by any means, I stopped playing before the battlepass, end game is also a major grind. The game will really try to force your hand with MTX and subscribing to their premium pass if you want extra storage or anything cool for your base. I had a good time making my base and selling loot out of my vending machines, I had good time with special events and farming the Dragon boss for loot, the community is pretty awesome. But I probably wouldn't have put so much time into the game if my best friend was t playing it, same goes with him as well. The wastelanders expansion definitely added some much needed life to the game as well. I'd say it's worth it for gamepass at least

carecats 1

imo the story is pretty good, even without NPCs (before the Wastelanders update). It is still very buggy and can lag during world events.

You can absolutely solo the game and this game really doesn't have griefers. The community is usually supportive of beginners.

notsomething13 1

Better, but the fundamentals of gameplay and the way you play hasn't really changed that much. If you don't like what you saw back in 2018-2019, it's not going to be that much different, but the game has always been playable soloable.

If you really enjoyed Fallout 4, then there's a reasonable chance you'll like 76 since it's more of the same, just with a multiplayer and resource-gathering focus instead.

If you can get the game on sale for under $25, you're getting a huge fucking bargain, especially compared to someone like me who (unfortunately) paid the $60 launch price. I'm jealous of people who can get the same game for $15, the game might not be great all around, but that's a very fair price, I say go for it.

BranSolo7460 1

It's a fun game, when you get past the frame rate issues that a lot of us have, still dealing with solving mine. There's a great community of players that are really helpful. Hell, I was gifted multiple legacy items that are not longer available, likey current main weapon, a Tse Gattling.
You can work out all kinds of armor or power armor styles to have your own look.
You can also really work at your perk load out for whatever play style you prefer.
Some people spend more time building their camps than actually questing.

Imho, I liked it before the npcs were added. The game gave a real feeling of solitude for the story, trying to find out what happened to everyone, listening to ghosts through their recorded tapes, ect.

It's currently ftp, so give it a try, see what you personally think.

Esseth 1

I ended up putting about 60-70 hours into it on GamePass, and enjoyed it well enough but I ended up just building my house and gathering mats for a large part of that. Super chill, but yeah fun enough.

lostgypsi 3

I recently took a stab at it solo right after the most recent big patch was added. It's not that it was necessarily bad as a solo player. It was just all the good things about it as a solo player are already in Fallout 4, and you can mod Fallout 4, so it just made me want to play Fallout 4.

SD-777 5

It was never that bad, at least from a solo play. I played it entirely through at release and found it pretty enjoyable, just lower your expectations to a AA title instead of a AAA title. It's worth $20-30 bucks, but no more than that. I never did much multi player with it, but the little I did seemed fine if a little impersonal.

wyvern_rider 1

Does it have a story mode? Is it any good?

SD-777 3

Yeah it has an overarching story mode and main quests to go along with it. It's a fairly weak story, but it's not terrible. There are subplots all over the place, and quests even beyond that. Keep in mind I played at release with all the bugs and no NPC's, from what I understand they have drastically improved it.

jaKz9 2

It's a fun game, nothing special. Not playing it anymore because the netcode is horrible, extremely laggy and unresponsive.

a_Carbomb 6

It still runs poorly for me with a 2080 Super, but the game itself can be quite fun if exploring a spooky Appalachia sounds like a good time.


It runs fine for me on a 1080 @ 1440p.



jaxpunk 1

I'm running a g-sync monitor. Maybe that fixes something you're seeing?
Also the last patch has introduced a ton of lag in random spots.

the_abortionat0r 4

Coolly then swap rigs with him.

jaxpunk 3

psh ya ill take that video card trade any day, any body.

Flaezh 2

Yea, the only reason I am not playing it is that I get drops to 30 FPS, no matter the settings on a 1070+R3600.


NetImmerse I mean Gamebryo I mean Creation is probably the culprit here, since I imagine ini editing is not allowed in the online game, and the only way to turn vsync off in NetImmerse I mean Gamebryo I mean Creation is to edit the ini. If your CPU framerate dips below 60, you get 30 FPS.

Flaezh 1

You actually can edit the ini and turn off vsync, which I also did. I don't drop to exactly 30 FPS, just around there, but that's down from 100+ at other times. I should've been more specific.


Yeah, that engine just kinda does that. Fallout 4 behaved the exact same way. Try turning tessellation down in your GPU driver, it helped tremendously with performance for me.

jaKz9 1

Try decreasing shadow distance.

Atlous 6

Still buggy as hell. Crash multiple time on my computer.

As solo experience still less interesting than fallout 4 which is already less interesting than fallout 3 which is already less interesting than fallout nv. (If you like rpg)

VanillaBraun 9

Like others said, it’s fun for about 20-40 hours. There’s so much stuff to collect in the game that you eventually start running around of storage space and it quickly becomes an inventory manager game unless you’re willing to fork out the extra $$ for more storage. It’s the games biggest problem in my opinion. They’ve already increased from I think 400 to 800 and it’s still not nearly enough space.

If they come out with bottomless storage for free, I’ll consider coming back.

gothpunkboy89 2

Just don't be a hoarder.

DistractedSeriv 2

> it quickly becomes an inventory manager game

Worst part about Bethesda games for me is the inventory management. The pip boy interface is especially atrocious.

Combatical 1

Couldnt agree more. They need to hire UI/inventory team. I've always felt like I'm fumbling about in skyrim/new fallout games.

MasterDrake97 6

> its on sale on steam

it's also free to play for a week

GrizzlyOne95 15

It's honestly not terrible. Pretty cool places to just explore and building bases is chill and fun. I put in around 20 hours after getting it on sale. Definitely don't want to grind in it but playing casually with friends it was great.


I agree with this assessment. The game has come a long way since launch and the addition of NPCs really enhanced the world. My friends and I got a good 40-60 hours out of exploring, base building, doing the quest lines and just general fucking around.

But yea, get it on gamepass because I can see it not being for everyone.

  DarkOmen597 4

The friends part is what I am lacking lol

dan1101 3

I had fun just running around the map and exploring. But I'd play it on Game Pass rather than buying it. Game Pass will also get you games like Forza Horizon 4, Metro Exodus, and No Man's Sky.

Combatical 2

>Metro Exodus,

Sadly this game has been removed. I played about 8 hours of it off and on only to find out they removed it before I could finish it.. I'm still pretty sore about it actually.

dan1101 1

Yeah the removals are kind of getting me down. Yes it's an all you can eat buffet, but they keep changing what's on the buffet. Luckily the changes are small in number, and infrequent.

GrizzlyOne95 6

Ah, well you can still do story quests and stuff, and it's all PVE unless you opt into PVP so you won't get murdered randomly by other players. And I explored a lot solo and built my base solo.

CivilMyNuts 26

It's on Game Pass if you really want a good deal. I had fun for about 40 hours then forgot all about it.

Rikuddo 2

Game pass is so amazing but with probably the worst browsing catalogue I've ever seen. Even those third party shady sites with mostly stolen keys have better interface.

Meanwhile, It is so frustrating to navigate through the categories and games on a platform of this small trillion dollar company.

Combatical 1

I still dont understand why people have issues with the store. Maybe were looking at two different things. I've never had an issue.

Edit: apparently we are. Im using the xbox app.

renboy2 1

I agree completely. The least horrible game pass browser is the XBox app (which can be installed via the microsoft store on win 10), but even that is far from great.

SpacePistachio 1

yeah and for the longest time i had two different store account and was double charged lol 😂

  DarkOmen597 3

Oohh...didnt know...ive heard of game pass but never looked into it.

100nrunning 1

Definitely check it out, even if it's just for a month or two there's so many good games on it. I'll cancel my recurring payments and then a month later always find myself resubbing

idledad 2

I had fun for 100 hours and then forgot about it.