How long will it take to service one x during covid?

by zstalkovich. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    2    7

So last week my one x completely stopped reading discs (even brand new ones). Already went through all the troubleshooting steps to no avail. I bought it back in January so thankfully it's still under warranty. With covid going on I understand it'll take a little longer than usual, but does anyone have any idea how long Microsoft would take?



About an hour if it only needs thermal paste and you do it youself

  zstalkovich 3

Thanks, but I'm not that tech savvy, wouldn't trust myself to work on it lol.

addmin13 1

Had my One X hdd fail a month or two back and had it repaired with Geek Squad through Best Buy. I'm not sure if they send it out to Microsoft or not, but it took about two weeks to get it back.

Bossdad4life442 2

Paste has nothing to do with disc not being read. I think to answer your question ask MS when you set up repair they should be able to give an estimate

Hazza42 2

I sent my controller in for repair recently, not sure about consoles but it seems they aren’t doing any repairs right now due to COVID. Instead, they simply send you a brand new device. Supplies are short though and I was waiting almost 3 weeks for mine.

  zstalkovich 1

If that's the case I'm probably SOL since the one x was discontinued, but thanks for the info!

Hazza42 1

They have a separate supply for replacement units, so I wouldn’t worry!