How many people have a pc but still buying a console

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Hey everyone I upgraded my box early this year nothing crazy 3600x and 5700xt, I always owned both pc and ps4 because I think they match well. So it’s a no brainer I will be getting a ps5. I always used the PlayStation for exclusives and sports games while everything else was on the pc, but lately I am thinking I will buy everything on the ps5 and just get the mmo strategy games and exclusives on the pc So the question for all of you that have both, what do you buy on which system and why Thanks



I have absolutely no need for a console. Think the console exclusives have all been shallow and the gameplay so boring that i could just watch a youtube video of the game instead of playing it, and not loose out. Instead of spending 500 bucks on a console i wouldn't play, i would rather take those 500 bucks and spend on some fancy shit i don't need for my pc.

To be fair, if i was given a ps5 for free, i would just sell it and use the money for my pc


I'll buy the ps5 and Xbox cause I'm a sucker, my pc is beast too

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So what helps you chose what system to purchase a game since you will own 2 console and a pc


I will never stop buying PlayStation as long as they make quality games

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Do you play only exclusives on the PlayStation


I prefer to play fighting games on there also since it usually has more players plus it’s the tournament standard. I don’t mind buying multiplats,but they have to be super cheap or at least run at 60fps for me now.

This gen PS4 was my primary PC my secondary but it’ll probably be the opposite next gen

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Do you also game on pc and if so which games would you buy on pc


I'll be buying a PS5 because there hasn't been any noise on The Show coming to the PC, as well as the DeS remake and any other first party title Sony will be putting out.

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DeS remake looks good I never played part 1 so I am excited on that

TeamWorkOPleaseNerf 1

Why buy a new console when a 500 dollar 3070+current pc will do its job better.

In any case lack of piracy really is a no no for me

burn_often00 1

Multiplayer games on console. Everything else on PC.

Ry0K3N 1

I have a ps4 for exclusives everything else for PC. Mainly bought ps4 for bloodborne.

Saneless 1

I switched over to pc a few years ago because I wanted to play Saints Row The Third and I could only play it on PS3. And when I wanted to play GTA on a modern system, while already having it on PS3, Sony and Rockstar wanted to charge me again.

Said fuck that and haven't looked back. PS4 was Spiderman, GOW, and Detroit over those 3 years.

Not rebuying games anymore. Not dealing with a single storefront that barely had sales once every 5-8 weeks for the game you're looking to get.

And in 4 years when I went to play a game again, I'll already have it and my next generation video card will make it even better.

Plus I'm doing a lot of driving games lately and PC is the only good choice

idiot_filter 1

Yeah I have a stock base PS4 and a hacked Vita slim. Will buy a PS5 next year when there's a decent bundle available.

Piti899 1

Me, its just a perfect combo beefy pc + monitor and ps5 + 4k tv

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Ya i agree perfect combo but what games would you buy on pc and what games on ps5

Piti899 1

multiplatform and fps on pc, exclusives and couch games on ps5

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What is a couch game in your mind I am assuming indies

Piti899 2

yeah and 2 controller/smartphone required games

tulumba2 1

I dont own a console per se, but i did buy a few exclusive games for my cousins PS4. I dont think i would spend money on a console version of a game that's on a PC, the PC just has much better sales and deals. Its mostly about the money for me, so the console would be for exclusives only.

tsthrowaway2015 1

I will be buying a PS5, I have 0 interest in anything Xbox is doing though. I'll use YUZU for BoTW 2.

aldris1118 1

i have a pc with I7 10700 and a 1080 ti ( which im planning to upgrade this year) but i also have a ps4 and the switch for just the exclusives and will most likely get a ps5 because i like the sony exclusives

aldris1118 1

also forgot to mention im big into vr which is another reason i got a ps4, for the psvr but i also own a valve index

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Which do you prefer for vr

So the ps5 would be only used for exclusives everything else is bought on pc

aldris1118 1

i prefer pc vr although some of the psvr exclusives are really good, and yeah just exclusives on ps5, i mostly just play single player games these days

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Awesome thanks

Tielur 1

I have 2 switches and a pc. Nintendo stuff is great for the family and rpgs. I have no intention to buy a PlayStation console as I have some strong objections to choices they make and they don’t have the family appeal or portable niche that the switch has. And Xbox exclusives come to pc.

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Now I am curious what objections do you have with the choices they made

Are we talking about exclusives lol

Tielur 1

Actually no, I dislike exclusives but I understand why they are important. My biggest issue is actually purchase consistency. If I buy a license to a game I should have access to that game. Especially digital games. I got fucking burned on ps3 era and then most of the games I owned were ported as separate purchases and to me that abhorrent. I can play pc games I got from cereal boxes as a kid but I have to purchase final fantasy 7 AGAIN?! Fuck all the way off. Microsoft is making improvements, and on switch I buy almost everything physical. But if I can’t sell a game I expect to have access in perpetuity. Idk maybe it’s just cause it’s a non issue on pc. I can own an x86 tablet, a workstation, a laptop, a gpdwin, or any other x86 windows device and run anything I’ve paid for.

GlasseKannon 1

Xbox for me as that's where I play with my son and GamePass gives him enough opportunities to try new stuff without me having the I want a new game discussion all the time.

PC otherwise because Isometric RPG's still work best on a keyboard/mouse and I'm a junkie for anything in that genre. Also latent WoW and Civ V hobby that don't translate to console.

Flexnexus 1

Ive always gotten a Playstation at some point in their life cycle. I love their single player exclusives, plus I need something to play Kingdom Hearts on. Really hoping that Sony starts to shift more of their exclusives to PC though.

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I think they will but a huge delay

sephrinx 2

The last time I owned a "new" console, it was an Xbox 1 to play Halo 4. Ended up playing it for maybe 100 hours, then it just say in the closet for a year until I gave it to a friend.

The new console games just, don't excite me or interest me. They are graphically superior to older games, but fall short in every other way.

I'll stick to my SNES/PS2 era games and revel in the glory, depth, imagination and heart that was put into those games. I use my PC as an emulator for them more often than I use it to play actual PC games, at least recently.

Anhs0n 2

PC is my main platform but on the console side I have a Nintendo Switch. Undecided if I will get a PS5 or not, most likely not.

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Switch for me is a must for all indie gamea

Solid_Deck 1

Would be cool if they allowed early access games though.

Been wanting to play hades on the switch.

EvilSpirit666 3

PC and Xbox. Pretty much only playing racing games on the Xbox since I'm useless with a controller for "regular" games.

Edit: The initial motive for buying the Xbox was easier access in the living room and thinking it would be easier for my SO to use. Turned out to be a pretty good investment despite not being very enticing for my SO. Couch gaming is indeed relaxing and surprisingly they sometimes have better deals on games on the Xbox Live Gold program. I think RDR2 is cheaper there for me than on PC at the moment and recently they sold Greedfall for about $10 which I almost regret not buying despite being a talentless controller user.

Edit: Added sometimes to the explanation of Xbox store deals. Left it out initially for some reason.

NoAirBanding 1

I vastly prefer my Xbox for living room gaming

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So what is the gamea you prefer for living room gaming , sports racing

NoAirBanding 1

I dun know, whatever, played a shit of ton of Destiny on my Xboxes, but lately it's Forza and whatever GamePass thing I try hoping it holds my attention longer than 30 min.

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Awesome thanks so you for your opinion

Do you think you would buy more games in the future on the Xbox

EvilSpirit666 1

If anything with Play Anywhere that I'm interested in turns up I would probably pick it up on Xbox to be able to play on both Console and PC

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Forgot all about play anywhere


Thewhitewolf1080 4

Whenever I get the money I’ll bet getting a ps5 the exclusives just speak to me way more. I wish I could play them day and date on my pc, but the Sony exclusives are that fucking good. And they know it. I’m ready for next gen naughty doc and insomniac and the next god of war. Just thinking about it makes me smile

  ElderEpidemic 1

Ya I agree about the exclusives

So everything else is pc and ps5 exclusives only

Thewhitewolf1080 3

I love love love narrative driven single player story focused games. The last of us part 2 was fucking incredible

Amaurotica 3

not me, console games are extremely expensive where I live compared to pc games like 72 euro for ps4 games compared to 45 euro for cyberpunk on pc hell no

+ i emulated every single Switch game on my pc so I don't even need to buy a switch anymore to enjoy like 5-10 nintendo exclusives

Helphaer 4

The cost of upgrades especially from my i7 4770k and g45 msi gaming series z87 motherboard and 970 gtx plus if i upgrade the MB, the memory cost of DD4, shows a bit too much cost i cant afford.

Buying a new console just makes more sense. But right now no exclusives for Xbox Series X and for PS5 there may not be enough new game ezclusives to justify cost just yet.

Perseus_The_Great 4

I was going to upgrade my PC to the 3080 from my 2070 s but $700 is kinda steep for me. So I’m most likely going to get a ps5 and start playing all my main games there and just a few games on my PC. All my friends are getting ps5 too

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What would be a few games you chose for the pc, for me mmo will always be a pc game

Perseus_The_Great 1

Only really games I play on PC is MOBAs like LoL, Smite Etc. I also have a lot of stuff for siege but for the most part it’s just a few games. Ps5 I’ll get all the big titles

Zingshidu 4

The newer consoles seem kind of weak, they play the same games as pc with a few exceptions but like only on a TV which my pc already does that.

I thought the success of the switch would push the more boring consoles in to handheld games again but oh well.


Curious what resolutions do you play the games on the tv from the pc

Every_Oblivion_Npc 1

Why would you play with less than the highest the TV could support?


Depending on the video card not certain but I don’t think my 5700xt can handle 4K /60 unless it might be on low or maybe medium while lowering the resolution to 1080p would give me the full benefit

I never tried connecting a pc to the tv so I might be wrong

Knight_of_the_Stars 1

I mean if you’re going to buy a PS5 you could’ve taken that $500 and combined it with what you paid for the 5700xt and gotten something capable of 4K60fps

  ElderEpidemic 1

Once I decide what I want to do I would update the 5700xt and get a 3080 and put the 5700xt in my wife’s computer

Dr_Mobius1 2

I have a mini itx PC sitting under my CX paired with a 2060 Super right now and play games at 1080p/120hz with Gsync. It's great. The TV natively supports 1080p, 1440p, and 4k all at 120hz with Gsync. But you can't use 4k/120hz right now since there aren't any 4k/120 sources yet. Ampere will change that.

Knight_of_the_Stars 2

I bought a PS4 and Switch this Gen. Bought the Switch for portability and the PS4 for exclusives/something to play games on in the living room.

However, not sure on the PS5. I now have a raspberry pi set up as a Steamlink hooked to my TV, so I will probably play third party games I want to play in the living room on that. As for PS5 exclusives, the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn is the only currently announced one I’d be bummed to miss, and with HZD on PC now I might see if the sequel eventually comes too. Either way, it’ll come down to whether the PS5 has enough quality exclusives to interest me in buying it. Definitely not grabbing PS5 at launch though, and currently see no reason to pick up an Xbox

Dr_Mobius1 2

I grew up playing on both PC and console. First PC game was when I was 10-11 and was Duke Nukem 3d and first console was a SNES with Super Mario World. Over the years I got a PS1, N64, Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox 360 and PS3 while gaming with PC along with it. But in 2013 I stopped console gaming altogether and went strictly PC gaming and now have no intention of picking up either a PS5 or a Series X. With Microsoft bringing all of their games to PC, getting an Xbox is a moot point for me.

As far as PS exclusives, we already got HZD and they are thinking of bringing more to PC so I will see what they do there. The only 3 games I wanna play are Bloodborne, Spider-man PS4 and Shadow of the Colossus remastered. Everything else seems meh to me. With God of War its obvious they tried to inject that Last of Us/Uncharted formula into it and the game doesn't play like God of War 1-3. I already finished Last of Us 1 on my PS3 and know about the shitty ending of part 2 so I have zero interest in that game. I am not looking forward to the Demon's Souls remake since again, I already finished it on my PS3 and you can emulate it at 4k today if you have the hardware.

I simply cannot go back to 30fps gaming and I highly doubt the new consoles will deliver 4k/60fps gaming for $500. Some games like COD, FIFA, racers, fighters, backwards compatible titles...sure you can do 60fps. But all of your big name titles? Nope. Ratchet and Clank is already 30fps on the PS5. So I think its a bad idea to pick a PS5 for "everything" and just get mmo, strategy and PC exclusives. It should be the other way around...everything on PC and the occasional small handful number of exclusives on the PS5 if you wanna have both.

  ElderEpidemic 2

Thank you very much for all that

Satan_Prometheus 2

I have a PC, PS4, and Switch. When given the choice, I will usually buy games on PC over the other two platforms. I basically only have the PS4 for PS4 exclusives.

That said, I do sometimes buy games for Switch over PC even if they are available on both. Typically I'll do this if the game is low-demand enough that the Switch doesn't have any issues providing a good experience in the game, because I do value the portability.

A good example of a game I chose to buy on Switch instead of PC is Okami HD. It's capped at 30 fps on all platforms so I don't really get any performance advantage by getting it on PC, it runs just fine on Switch, and on the Switch in handheld mode you can use the Celestial Brush with the touchscreen which is really nice.

But a game like Doom 2016? Nah, I wouldn't play that on Switch.

  ElderEpidemic 3

Thanks for your opinion

Dimensional_Polygon 2

I've always been mainly a console gamer just playing games like Civ on PC. Having built my own PC for the first time a couple years ago and going all out in some regards, I've slowly started using my PC for more and more gaming.

Still, I'm going to be going between the new consoles and PC for the time being. Xbox is where my friends are at for multiplayer(we don't always like crossplay) and I'm used to the ecosystem. Plus, with GamePass Ultimate I can have access to games on both systems. Eventually I'll grab a PS5 for exclusives but it won't be for a while. They haven't presented anything that make me want to get the system right away like I did with the PS4, a system that has basically collected dust under my TV. I'm also not fond of the white panel design or the fact that they designed it so it needs a stand no matter if it is vertical or on it's side so I'm more inclined to wait for a LE one.

Discoteca 2

I get Sony consoles for the exclusives, but not until later in the generation. Getting it early at least for me seems a waste of money, since there's not enough new exclusives to play. And I can't use it to have my PC library take advantage of the hardware unlike a new video card, so that $500 is really expensive due to not intending to use it as my primary gaming system.

So I'd be paying close to full price for the console, and then paying close to full price for the 1-2 exclusives that come out each year or have nothing to play on it. And have it left unused for a majority of the time for 2-3 years. Even getting a PS4 four years into the gen I found that I'd not turn on my PS4 for 6 months or longer at times once I played all my exclusives I initially bought and waited for new ones.

So least I can do is at least try to reduce the overall expense of the console, since it's not my go to device. I don't care about exclusives that might come out, but ones actually available, since delays happen and some don't live up to the hype. Will wait for a sale, and the library to build up to 5-10 quality exclusives I can pick up for $10-$15 a piece.

Complex-Cantaloupe-9 5

PS5 for the exclusives, mostly.

biig_boi 3

Definitely. I own a PS4 and some of the best games I’ve played are on there. Spider-Man, God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, and Infamous to name a few we’re just amazing.ill definitely be getting PS5

  ElderEpidemic 1

Do you also game on pc if so how do you decide if you will buy it on ps5 or pc

biig_boi 2

I do game on PC. Currently I only buy exclusives on PS4 simply because PS4 runs most games terrible at 30 FPS. Once PS5 comes out hopefully most games will run at atlas 4k@60fps. At that point I’ll probably start buying most games on PS5 unless they are FPS or my friends buy it on PC. I prefer playing on consoles for a couple of reasons, mostly because it is easier to jump in an out of games (rest mode, controller turn on, etc). So once the ps5 bridges the gap in performance it will probably be my main gaming machine.

  ElderEpidemic 2

Ya I just watched a video today not on the ps5 but series x jumping in and out of games really cool feature

Neptas 3

I also have a Switch. Originally it was to played when I'm away from home (trip back to parents', at work, etc.), ... but kinda taking dusts right now because of certain external events lol. I cracked it so it can play emulators, pretty cool to have "The Classics" anywhere on the go.

lovethecomm 11

I didn't want to play any last gen console exclusives aside from Bloodborne so I'll pass.

Paneachy 11

PC is my main machine and given the option I'll always buy a game on that, but I also have a Switch and PS4 for exclusives. Neither of them get used anywhere near as often as the PC, but I'm always glad I have them for when something cool comes out (Ghost of Tsushima and Animal Crossing were recent examples of things I didn't wanna miss).

That said, I didn't buy the PS4 until 2-3 years ago when there was a big backlog of exclusives I wanted to get through. I'll probably do the same with the PS5 in a couple of years.