How to increase behavior score?

by Nightnighy. Posted on Oct 24, 2020    1    7

Title. And by how many if there is no reports included. Thanks


Pouchkine2 1

Suck dick

Azure_Horizon_ 5

believe its like 100 per game, 25 or 50 per commend and something like -200 or -300 for a report

best way is to play turbo and literally never type, and possibly just play heal slut supports, soon as you type you become a target, once you get above like 8k-9k it's insanely hard to go down, its kind of like the US prison system, no rehabilitation just baiting into repeat offending

  Nightnighy 1

Thanks. 100 per game whether its win or lose?

Azure_Horizon_ 1

yeah, just avoid getting reported at all costs and you'll go up

Athabasco 2

Commends no longer improve your summary. Absence of reports is the only thing that matters.

Azure_Horizon_ 1

thought so, have felt its changed a bit.

  Nightnighy 1

Really? How did you say that?