How to protect tv in Gamingtable

by BoHMaybe. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    8    3

Hello ladies and gents,

I am starting on building a board Gaming table this weekend. In the middle of my table I will mount a 50zoll tv Screen. I want to protect it with some kind of glass. I did already watch a few diys on YouTube. However some are using Acryl other hardend glass and others are using a pvc panel. Im not quit sure what I should use in regards of light reflection, scratches and image reflecting/distortion from the tv below. Anyone of you magnificent people got any idea or experience with Setup like this?



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So, I haven’t ever done something like this, but some thoughts having some experience with manufacturing touch panels and such.

Basically you want something clear and not too thick if you want decent clarity. Your big issue will be with scratches as such if you use plastic. The harder the plastic, the less it will tend to scratch. There is a hardness scale for materials. You probably have seen it for pencil graphite 2H, 3H, etc. the higher that number the harder the surface. It is called Mohs hardness scale. It will help you know how scratch resistant the surface could be. Glass is hard and more scratch resistant, but can shatter since it is a ceramic, so having tempered glass that is a bit thicker to help with shattering could work. Or plastic with a hardness coating added to it.

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Thank you I will consider that. Due to the sice of the tv the plates are rather expensive so it must be a one time fit. Are there any scales for the „reflection“ of these materials?

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So you can get a more matte/anti-glare finish on a surface. Often there are films with this. But there could be two issues. Generally having this kind of finish will lower the contrast ratio of the display a bit. Also if the surface of the finish is too far removed from the surface of the screen you might see some loss of sharpness. The upside is no glare and general matte type surfaces deal with smudges and finger oil, etc. better, hiding it more.

My guess is that if you go to someone who does custom glass they would have options around finishes like this. If they have samples you could just take your phone and put it behind the glass and see how it looks.

Downside is large custom glass like this can be expensive.