How to share Game Pass on PC

by dennis48309. Posted on Aug 02, 2020    17    11

I discovered that you can share your Game Pass on PC with other people. All you need to do is join the same Microsoft "Family". After you are all in the same Family, just login your Windows account that doesn't have game pass. Open the Windows Store and sign-in on the account that has Game Pass then go download the game. It's as simple as that! You can logout of the other account from the Microsoft Store after you install it but you don't have to.
FYI, this works with all Windows Store apps/games, not just Game Pass stuff.


feroq7 1

Im guessing you cant play multiplayer together ?

Hyper__Cynic 1

Yeah this is what I'm wondering... If you can then this would be an instant buy for me.

  dennis48309 4

Yep you can play multiplayer together.

  dennis48309 2

You can play online together on both accounts.

zipzapbloop 3

Damn. I've got Game Pass Ultimate for myself, but my kids are also starting to get into PC gaming and I didn't realize this.

  dennis48309 2

Yep. This will save you a lot of money.

Thievian 2

Interesting, thanks for letting me know! I know that you can use the same MS account to play game pas games on 2 pc without being kciked out of the account like on origin, but this way sounds more convenient


Yep, you are playing the shared game on your own MS account so it will not interfere with the account that owns Game Pass.

Sweet_Pants_Dad 1

Can you explain the process a little more in depth? I’m currently trying to set this up but it’s kicking me out because I’m still signed in on both computers. I currently have my (game pass account) signed in to my other’s PC through the Xbox Beta App, and his account is signed in to the Microsoft Store App. So when we try to play the same game it kicks us out on one PC

  dennis48309 1

So basically on your friend's PC tell him to login to his own account in Windows and do what I listed in the Microsoft Store. He should not be signing-in to Windows on your Game Pass account or using the Xbox app.

  dennis48309 1

Assuming both accounts, Game Pass one and non-Game Pass one, are in the same Microsoft Family already:

  1. Sign into Windows 10 using the account that doesn't have Game Pass.
  2. Open the Windows Store.
  3. Click on your account's icon in the top right, then click again on that account when the popup appears, then do sign-out.
  4. You are now logged out so click the same icon again in the top right and sign-in to the account that has Game Pass.
  5. Go download the game you want.
  6. Sign-out in the Store once it's complete.

    You are not actually signing in to Windows on the Game Pass account, only through the Store app on the account that doesn't have Game Pass. This might be where you made a mistake.