how to use my controller on xbox while it is connected to pc

by 830_res_at_dorsia. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    8

basically i wanna use my pc's usb port as a power source for the controller, while i use it on xbox...but when i try to do that, it automatically connects to the pc, removing controller from bluetooth devices or turning off PC's Bluetooth doesn't work.. If anybody knows how to do that and if it can be done please will be much appreciated..thank you



You cant, its fucking obvious

  830_res_at_dorsia 1

It would be obvious if it was impossible.. Its not.. Stop using the word 'obviously' carelessly


Obviously it's obviously obvious.

fears_escalators 1

Another way is those battery rechargeable packs that you can plug in.

Dominic2706 1

If the cable is long enough, put it in the console, if you just want the controller to charge, you can use a mobile phone charger.

KesMonkey 1

Use a USB cable that's only wired for power, not data.

  830_res_at_dorsia 1

That's interesting.. Are there such cables?

ImaginaryChicken 1

You can't, a physical connection will always over ride a bluetooth one. You can plug it into a wall socket, or just get rechargable batteries, they save a lot of hassle