How's PC gaming these days

by mrgoodcat1990. Posted on Jul 14, 2020    0    11

Haven't played any games in about a year .

Hows gaming these days, last I checked there were a few decent games about, but gaming felt like it was well and truly lost to oblivion.

Please tell me it's picked/ picking back up. Since a year and a half a go


dagla 1

games won't cure depression, seek help from people

dinoshores93 4

There are so many good games out there, you're missing out. Doom Eternal, Outer Wilds, and Control are just a few good games that come to mind.

If you're into multi-player, Warzone, Valorant and Tarkov are really popular.


Good news if you're a multiplayer fan most of the top games are free to play bad news loot boxes up the ass

killingerr 2

You think gaming was lost a year and a half ago? .....what?

vermillionmask 2

You have a lot to catch up on. The only problem I see with pc gaming right now is there's just too many games to choose from.

heatlesssun 2

I've been gaming on PCs spanning four decades and I think it's the best it's ever been. Breadth and depth of both games and hardware is staggering today.

MLGBigSmoke35 2

Golden age?

AtTheGates 2

Its been great for many years. Come and join the fun.

-SammyP6- 2

overall its pretty good. we still have too many games with microtrasnactions and gambling, but more games are switching to a fomo store and battlepasses instead of gambling, but im not sure if its any better

we also have a new issue of anticheats. games such as velorant and doom eternal have added anti cheats that see everything you do and run 24/7 on your computer with full admin privileges. some people really hate that for privacy and security reasons, some people dont seem to care at all, they just wanna play. doom removed the anticheat after about a week due to backlash, valorant still has it

ray tracing looks like it will be the future, but as of now not many game ssupport it. dlss also is a really neat upscalling tech


Which doom eternal has removed

-SammyP6- 1

i know. i said so in my comment

> doom removed the anticheat after about a week due to backlash, valorant still has it