I am looking to hire a dota 2 coach

by LiveAFTSOV. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    1    17

Hello ! I am an old school player, all the way from Frozen Throne Allstars...

In dota 2 I reached a peak of 4.5k around 7 years ago, back when stout shield was still an item.

Now, I am a lowly 2.3k quickly descending to the 1k trench.

Im interested in hiring a coach in order to get myself back up into 4k. Anyone interested?

Coach must be 4k minimum, and Ill pay you hourly.



Yo buddy I’ll coach you for free. I’m 7.3k- msg me.

dark_monkaS 1

313481750 thats my id add me

salt_69 1

I’m currently a coach for Dota University which is a community for helping new players. Since you are not a new player, that doesn’t apply, but I have been looking to expand to coach others. I am at 4.2k at the moment and climbing fast. Let me know if you are interested in working with me.

Discord - salt#1241

Walrusasauras 1

What role?

  LiveAFTSOV 1

i main mid as skywrath mage / support as ogre / can offlane

ScaredOfAttention 1

In what server you are playing and which hours during the day works best for you?

  LiveAFTSOV 1

us east after 2 pm to 4 am

ScaredOfAttention 1

Damn, I am from EU, so can really help much.

  LiveAFTSOV 1

why not

ScaredOfAttention 1

Well our time zones are quite far apart. Me being from Eastern Europe and you from east US.

boredomstrikesback 1

What server and what pos are you playing?

  LiveAFTSOV 1

us east as any position

boredomstrikesback 1

I was gonna offer u coach for free but someone below commented and he is 7.3k you should go to him. :)

  LiveAFTSOV 1

ill take ur coaching bro

boredomstrikesback 1

Just try for others bro, Im from SEA server has a strong accent and has really close to none coaching experience.

Skaffer 1

Have you tried changing your hero pool since coming back? Watch some pub games on twitch? And follow some dotabuff guides?

If your mmr is dropping that fast, it sounds like you're playing out of frustration, and likely overestimating your game knowledge/mechanics which are now outdated. Maybe also check out some game leap videos. I'm 4.9k and these are the things that I find I suffer from when I come back from a break.

  LiveAFTSOV 1

i watch high mmr games and watch new meta update videos by game leaps.