I can't install some of my games

by Harrybow2004. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    1    6

I got bored recently and decided I might try and replay the sherlock homes games, these where both games with gold at one point, I still have gold so that's not the issue. But in the owned games section they arent there and in the store they are making me still pay for them. I then decided to go onto the xbox smartglass app where it shows I still have then so I tried to install them remotely but that did not work, does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

Also if you want any more information ask and I'll try and provide


mull3t 1

You need Xbox Live Gold to play claimed Xbox One Games With Gold - You DO NOT NEED Xbox Live for play Xbox360 Games. Not having gold is in fact your issue.

  Harrybow2004 1

I still do have gold

mull3t 1

Misread, my mistake. Go into your Account Settings on Xbox.com and make sure you did in fact claim them in your purchase history - It'll say the game and price being Free. Past that you'll have to call xbox support

Lost-in-Limbo 4

After the recent updates all xb1 GwG titles were removed from owned games and now have their own section! Go to full library and there will be a gold section next to owned and games pass etc!

  Harrybow2004 2

Omg I feel like such an idiot, It wasnt too long ago I even looked here, thank you so much anyway

Lost-in-Limbo 3

No probs!