I can't play any games!!

by atrochez42. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    3


My xbox does not let me play any games since yesterday. I tried to play FIFA and it would get stuck on the loading screen, I then tried Madden but I had the same issue. so I figured it was the EA servers crashing as per usual and turned off my xbox.

Today I was ready to play and the same thing happened. Checked online and EA servers are working. I then tried to play Forza and NBA 2k and I faced the same issue. The only game that I can play rn is Minecraft (I suppose because it's not as demanding as the other games).

I have no idea what is happening, I do not know if it is an internal thing in my xbox, but I don't think so. It's 2 years old, never has been properly cleaned, but it does not overheat or even make loud fan noises. Anyone has any ideas, suggestions or anything?


potatoMCfatass 1

Press the off button on the console for (i dont remember the amount) 5-15 seconds. That clears the cache. If this dosnt work unplug the konsole and power brick and wait 5 minutes.

  atrochez42 1

This solved my issue, thank you very much man! I was really worried

potatoMCfatass 1

No problem.