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by TeleC1assy. Posted on Oct 24, 2020    1    3

i want to start this post just by first sharing with how frustrated i am to have to deal with this problem. i accept up front the fact that this issue i'm having is entirely my fault, and was entirely preventable from the very first time i played dota. i am pretty confident in my abilities but it has become such a prominent issue for me that i can't really enjoy the game like i used to.

when i first started playing, simply because i was left handed and it was more comfortable for me, i remapped my hotkeys to be centric to my numpad and the keys around it. my courier hotkeys, abilities, items, unit selection and scrolling, and map controls are all on the arrow keys, numpad, and the six keys above the arrow keys. this is hardwired into my brain at this point - i've tried many times to use normal or alternate hot key layouts and have never succeeded because of how different it is. i just tried again and feel utterly hopeless.

the problem now is that, since this last compendium update, valve has configured the inputs of my hotkeys to change based on the state of the numpad differently from previous updates. what i used to have to do every year is remap both states of my numpad in the console to my desired hotkey layout, and now with this recent update, rather than the keys registering as two different states of the numpad, each active/inactive state registers as either a numpad key or a normal keyboard input. this wouldn't be a big deal if the alternate states for all but the 5 key didn't register as normal inputs that i already use, effectively cutting my total hotkeys in half based on the state of my numpad. i use the numlock key as my stop key, which gets used often, so the state toggles often - i've used macros to double tap the numlock every time i use it, and this is where the problems start.

often in game when i would use my stop key, i would begin to experience an input delay with ANY input, from the mouse or keyboard. this is problematic for many heroes, but most notably the most complex heroes who require constant diverse inputs. i believe what is happening is an anti cheat mechanism is preventing multiple inputs from being spammed in a short amount of time, and because i'm double tapping my stop key every time i press it, the server thinks i'm using a script to issue commands faster than humanly possible. the best example of this is when i play invoker and am cycling orbs to invoke spells while simultaneously trying to last hit or block creeps. when i issue stop commands or move commands while doing so, the game will simply not respond to certain inputs.

originally i just tried using less inputs, but this does not work when many inputs are required in a short amount of time. i find the game very hard to play in this state and am really seeking a solution to the problem. i know some people might say "just try normal hotkeys" or something along those lines, but i've logged so many hours with this configuration that i find it nearly impossible. i want to exhaust all possible options before resorting to this. i fear relearning the game because i've felt so much progress in my gameplay over just the last few months, despite this handicap, and it would be a massive waste of my time and passion to have to revert so far back as to learning how to use hotkeys again.

if anyone has any ideas, please help me work around this problem. i've messaged both steam support and sent feedback to the dota feedback thingie and neither have been helpful. i don't know what else to do.

just to put it out there, the issue has nothing to do with my internet or software on my pc. i've tried on multiple pcs, accounts, and hardware configurations, and it always happens eventually.


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As a person who has switched major hotkey setups like 3 times (with 3k+ hours of gameplay between each switch), it only feels janky for like a week or so. My honest suggestion would just be to bite the bullet and move your hotkeys elsewhere then play mainly turbo/similar for a little bit (and maybe take a short break from PRESS ALL THE BUTTONS heroes like invoker). Your brain will adjust faster than your realize, I promise, but only if you actually stick with it.

Also macros are scripting, and as such place you in danger of being flagged by steam.

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well i dont know if i'm able to adjust because i've tried a lot. it's a big transition and i feel like it's easier said than done, but as i've done before i can always try again i guess

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As I noted I’ve done big switches like that 3x now (my first switch was actually even bigger; I switched from playing on a trackpad to playing on a mouse at the same time).

You’ll feel really out of it for the first day or so of games, then you’ll feel a little janky for the rest of the week (assuming you play a couple games a day). But once you get past that your brain will adjust pretty rapidly.

I would suggest you make the switch when you have a day or two in a row to play a fair bit though. The first couple days where things feel really bad are some of the most important for making sure that the rewriting of your brain goes smoothly.