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by devinn-boii. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    0    6

So I have this PDP controller for the Xbox and I had it for like 28 days and it recently started to drift on the right stick not even a week ago. I still have the receipt and the box and was wondering if I could get a warrant. Would they accept it? Even if it drifts?


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If you bought from a major retailer, target, Best Buy, etc, call and ask for their return policy for your controller. Most places have a 30 day window to return products for being defective.

After that return window closes with the retailer, after 30 days or whatever, then you would contact the manufacturer, PDP, for a warranty replacement.

Most manufacturers will honor a 1 year warranty for their products. Microsoft controllers offer 90 days warranty from them instead of 1 year for comparison.

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Ah. I got mine at Walmart, so I might call them later or just go in-store.

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Walmart should be 30 days for hardware, the receipt might even say it on the back. Calling to double check is never a bad idea.

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Thank you. Your username is very sexc.

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I doubt you could get a warrant as there's likely not enough evidence of a crime happening to convince a judge

You may, however, be able to make a warranty claim. You'd have to check their warranty, though, as I don't know what that company's policy is

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Lmao thanks man