I just found out about the new Thanos Rising Promo Cards

by TheFlashGod. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    5    5

USAopoly published the Infinity War promo cards (Scarlet Witch, Thor Team, etc.) back in 2018. They weren't hard to get ahold of and I heard they wouldn't publish anything past this..

Last year for Gen Con they published a new set of promo cards (Ant man Captain Marvel) and republished the promo cards of the year before.

I've noticed that these cards run for around $50 on ebay. I reached out to USAopoly and they told me they have no plans to reprint them.

Should I wait for Upcoming GenCon to see if they will republish them or try to figure out how to custom print these cards?


SPAZZx625 1

GenCon 2021? I mean...if you want to wait for over a year of the possibility of something, go ahead. If you want them now, pay the aftermarket prices now.

Dice_and_Dragons 1

With the new Batman Who Laughs Rising coming this year i would expect them to not be republished again as they will lait likely do new promo cards

  TheFlashGod 1

I see..

dbfnq 1

Huh, that reminds me, I had an email from customer service last year saying they were going to send the original promo cards but they never did.

PsiNorm 1

Oh yeah! Same here. Thanks for reminding me.