I love the profile customisation update

by Talkashie. Posted on Jul 01, 2020    26    6

This is awesome, thanks Valve! I wish there were more colour themes to pick from though! They all look really nice.

Reminds me of the MySpace days where everyone spent hours getting their profiles tweaked to the way they wanted it.


GrunzJr 1

I might love it if I were able to edit my profile. :(

LTJ81 2

For real, this was such a great idea and pleasant surprise, it’s been a lot of fun these last few days. Thanks Valve!

porkin4what 2

Does anyone know the max height width size? 506-927?

Also cant find out what X and Y position to input to get it just perfect in after effects. I'm always off by just a tiny bit.

DeathAwaitsU 3

It really is, not to be greedy but some animated backgrounds for games would be a great addition.

Neeralazra 6

They'll probably add more OR New games being added will now have more choices with backgrounds and items

Velfess 3

Hope they'll be expanded and marketable in future. As of now point system is quite expensive way to get animated stuff.