I need a game that is worth my time, something I could look back to in the future and say "those were some good times"

by eye_one_two_die. Posted on Jun 30, 2020    0    41

Almost 9 out of 10 games I play, I feel like I am playing just to pass time. What games are there that are much more than that? Something of a "deeper" or more meaningful experience and something I can say that I haven't wasted 30 hours on?


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I had incredibly good times playing Prey (2017). It wasn’t getting much hype like some other immersive sim titles, but that doesn’t mean game not worth playing. Story is well thought and simply interesting, and the gameplay just amazing. Highly recommend

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Sounds like you're burnt out from the mediocre AAA garbage, like 2 out of 10 AAA games on average are worth playing. Look into indie games. there are some real gems with much more creativity and interesting ideas that are also AAA quality in production.

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The Outer Wilds is a real experience. It stayed with me for ages. Beautiful game.

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I don’t play it anymore, but monster hunter world will always hold a place in my heart

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I have about a year of great memories working my way through The Secret World.

Fun, if cheesy, story. Almost mmo style dungeons for after you master the controls, builds and attack rotation and the best written story questing I've ever seen.

One of my favorite memories was finally breaking out of the Northeastern USA maps and moving into the next area. It was a totally different feel. Each area felt like that and it was really rewarding.

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Add Red Dead Redemption 2 to your list

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Half life series

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Breath of the wild did that to me, played it on PC with Cemu. Gears 4 and 5 were cool to co-op as Resident Evil 5 and the Leon campaign of Resident Evil 6.

Those are games I would get back into.


The witcher 3. Best game ever made


why? cuz thats what the circle jerk is parroting around?

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More like most circle jerked game ever made.

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On reddit.

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Probably. I mean it's a great game and all, but it's like some people only played 5 games in their lives.

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Witcher 3.

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I had an awesome time with Detroit become human. The decision you make change the story and the outcome given that is changes it also has a great replay value

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Zelda BoTW on emulators.

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This !! Best recent game for me despite being a PC/PS4 player 👍

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play any game with the homies and trust me it will get 100x better

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This. Having the right group of friends to play with can be a game changer.

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the best times in life are those which you can say "one time, me and the boys..." about

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Kotor 1&2 are old role playing games in the old expanded starwars universe but well done. They were ported to PC ages ago and have some minor mod support. I definitely recommend them as well.

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you need to play the mass effect trilogy.

Some of that stuff will stay with you forever. I have fond memories with the cast, they feel mostly like old friends than ANYTHING i've ever experienced as far as entertainment goes.

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I agree , don't play Andromeda it is horrible !

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I hear you, meaningful experiences are few and very far between these days since everyone is so addicted to franchises instead of unique and original IPs.

KOTOR 2 occupies the top spot in my favourite games of all time list in large part because it's a game that does "meaningfulness" exactly right and then combines that with a great core gameplay loop. Even if you aren't necessarily a fan of Star Wars, there's an amazing game to be found here.

CK2 is another game I love for the way it envelopes the player in a world of political intrigue that ultimately feels very deeply meaningful because it's your family and your dynasty that is at stake. Obviously you are playing as a character which isn't necessarily you but I'm sure you get my meaning. The experience of seeing your family survive and thrive or crash and burn over the course of almost 700 years of history is unrivalled by any other game.

Pathologic 2 is not a game for everyone; it needs a lot of patience to stick with, it's dark and depressing and some of the design decisions aren't quite up to scratch. But I'll be damned if it isn't a deep and meaningful game. You'll find yourself making decisions in this game that will definitely be memorable a decade or two down the line. One thing to remember is this: you're terribly mortal and you have a major plague sweeping the town, so you can't save everyone.

The Walking Dead narrative game by Telltale Games is also on my list of best games of all time. The first season is undoubtedly the best but all the seasons are equally playable and really feel like you're playing a Walking Dead game despite not featuring any of the TV show's characters (except Michonne in a standalone pack). It's very much a point-and-click adventure so you might not get much uh, exhilaration from it. But truthfully it's enjoyable.

Those are the main games I think you should try but I will also throw in some shoutouts for Disco Elysium, KC: Deliverance, The Long Dark and Fallout: New Vegas.

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Here's my list:

Borderlands 1
Prey (2016)
Sid Meyers Pirates!
All bioshock games
Call of Juarez - Gunslinger
Spec Ops - The Line
Mass Effect 2 (Wasn't a fan of 1, and 3 was the plot of Bablyon 5 rehashed, good if you haven't seen that series)
Warhammer 40K - Space Marine
Alpha Protocol (buggy as hell, but great story)
Life Is Strange
Overlord II
Conan Exiles (story only; not the multiplayer part of the game)

E: So far really enjoying Halo: Reach. First time playing it, and there are some cool scenarios.

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RDR2 is one I recently had this buzz with.

To be honest though I think that sort of feeling is more about your state of mind than about the game. I remember being ill for 2 days with noravirus about 6 years ago, one time I have ever been properly sick. On day 2 when my recovery was in effect I sat on the couch in my duvet and played the 11hour Tomb Raider (2011) campaign. It's one of my fondest memories of gaming as it was just like one long movie experience and all completed in a day.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, you make the memories not the games

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I'm playing through it right now, apart from the fact I couldn't play it for a week until the very latest patch, it really shows up a lot of so called AAA games for the lazy endless sequels they are, I don't think I ever played a game where the side quests were so fun

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Yeah I bought AC Odyssey not so long ago & my god it's like chalk and cheese, they are no way near the same level. I know RDR2 has a couple of years on Odyssey but it feels like a 10 year gap.

The storyline is just epic. When you get to the two rich families feuding part it becomes an iconic gaming.

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This is seriously just up to you - if you have friends to play with almost every game you play with friends is something you'll eventually look back on fondly.

If you want solo experiences - maybe classics like Mass Effect 2/3 (my favorite single player games of all time), Fallout NV, Metro Redux + Exodus is pretty good.

I've been playing PC games since the Age of Empires 1 demo came out, Diablo 1/2, CS 1.3, and the original Rainbow 6. When I look back on my life and think of my time gaming for 20+ years I look back most fondly on my competitive CAL days for CS 1.6 and Day of Defeat. Promoting up the leagues with friends and making new friends that I still play with today 10-15 years later. My most memorable times weren't even the practices or matches, it was laughing on ventrilo while we pubbed for hours on end. Aside from that I look back fondly on OG Dota and World of Warcraft raiding for similar reasons - but for WoW it was specifically beating raids with a team over the course of weeks or months.

I don't even play WoW anymore, haven't since WoD. CAL is a dead league and there isn't even a new version of Day of Defeat. I'm also done with mobas because it's too toxic and I've had enough of that but still do play CS with CSGO just match making with the same friends I played 1.6 with. I don't think any of that time was wasted, all of it was spent with friends achieving things that nobody else cares about in things that people don't remember or simply don't exist.

Fun is what you make of it. We just bought pummel party two days ago and had a blast. Even if we never play it again, those 3 hours laughing with friends is something I'll look back years from now and think "those were good times".

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How often do you game and do you have some examples of games that were deep enough to you? What you're asking is very subjective; what one person finds utterly boring another might value. (Aren't most games essentially time-wasters anyway?)

That said, for me indie games provide a different kind of experience compared to more shallow AAA games. Disco Elysium and Outer Wilds were two games that had story and the feels I don't usually get from games.

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Return of the Obra Dinn.

It is one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had in my whole life and I'm not going to forget it.

I played it with my group of friends in the same house in a (very long) evening.

Yes, only one was "controlling" the character, but everyone was so invested at deducting the identity of all the crew members that it was so much fun seeing all the theories we had.

We managed to deduct around 90% the identities only with the clues you get from the game.

Then, as it was already really late and we wanted to see the final chapter (It unlocks when you discover all the identities and deaths) we started making guesses and combinations for the las 6 or 7 people.

So, if you can, I would recommended playing with a friend.
If it is not possible I still think you can enjoy it a lot by yourself, but it is going to be a little bit more tedious.

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As great as this game is - being a non-native speaker this game was impossible to beat without looking into a guide...

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Any Deus Ex game (except Deus Ex 2). Especially Mankind Divided, as it's mechanically, graphically and gameplay-wise far superior to any of the previous games. A pinnacle of cyberpunk.
Story-wise Deus Ex 1 or Human Revolution are landmarks in immersive sim.

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Bioshock is the greatest game I’ve ever played. Amazing philosophical story, amazing retro future setting with a darkness under its beautiful gilded surface, excellent gameplay that rewards exploration along with a beautiful art style and well designed game world all topped off with an absolutely perfect soundtrack.

It’s the only game I’ve ever called a masterpiece as they truly outdid themselves on every possible level and they just recently updated the game to support 4K.

Honorable mentions include Fallout 3 GOTY Oblivion GOTY and Fallout: New Vegas ultimate the edition. All good immersive true RPGs with New Vegas being considered one of the best ever made by several people and still supported by a passionate modding community.

Also buy Postal 2. The dude made this game in his garage and it’s hilarious and a unique look back on the US mindset in the early 2000s just after 9/11 with tons of references to then current events. It’s cheap, unique, fun, outrageous and one of my all time cult favorites.

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I've enjoyed all the Bioschlock games a lot but Infinite was something really special for me. The amazing setting, the background stories and the story telling were so memorable and immersive. I would waste a lot of time looking through the areas into the houses and all of the rooms, absorbing all of the details.

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>something I can say that I haven't wasted 30 hours on?

Time isn't wasted if you had fun. If you're not having fun playing or do it just to past the time, maybe you should take a break from gaming.

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Sounds like you're after a more narrative experience. God of War on PS4 offers that. The Uncharted games. RDR2 on PC looks and feels stunning. The Mass Effect games.

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most of the mass effect games.