I need help finding a VOIP!

by virus06. Posted on Aug 01, 2020    0    9

There was a VOIP that someone showed me, maybe a year ago. It looked really nice, I think on the homescreen to the website there might have been those floating dots with connecting lines? It looks really clean, and was similar to discord. Discord has been giving my friends and I some problems and i'm just really trying to find this program to hopefully use. Right now we are using Overtone. If you can help me find it, I would very much appreciate it. (The program wasn't out yet, I don't know if it is now, but I still really want to find it.)


Demjan90 2

Use teamspeak, it's more lightweight compared to discord.

  virus06 1

only problem is, easy IP grabbing, and also you have to pay to create good servers. free servers are just so limited

Demjan90 1

Don't know, we never had a problem finding public servers.

SpacePistachio 2


  virus06 1

no, not TeamSpeak, I’ve used it before

xboxhobo 4

What problems is Discord giving you?

  virus06 1

connection problems

xboxhobo 1

Have you tried switching which region the server is hosted on?

  virus06 1

yeah, I have